How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling


Vacations are always something to look forward to. They offer an escape from routine, get you in a new environment, and allow you to relax. Unfortunately, leaving on vacation means leaving your house unoccupied, and therefore vulnerable to anyone who might want to break in and steal your valuables. It’s hard to relax on vacation while you’re busy worrying if someone is going to break into your house. Thankfully there are plenty of resources at your disposal to keep your home and your valuables safe and intact, even while you’re away.

Hire a Trusted Friend or Neighbor to Housesit

To ease your mind while you bask on a beach or hike through a dense forest, get someone you trust to drive to your house every day you’re away to check up on things. Give them a list of things they can do: feed your pets, walk your dog, water your plants, and if it’s winter have them run the faucets to make sure the pipes don’t freeze, and have them shovel your driveway. If your house looks abandoned and neglected, criminals are more likely to get curious and check it out.

Also, have your friend or neighbor check your mail and take it in for you, if you decide not to temporarily stop your mail delivery. Leave a key with them so they have access to your house just in case something happens, like a break in or a pipe bursting. Do not leave a spare key under a law ornament or under a mat, if a robber finds it then your valuables inside the house are fair game to them.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

If you leave your curtains open when you go out, then people can look inside. This can be a good thing for a police officer or a friend to see if there is something wrong inside the house. But it also means that criminals can look inside too. Make sure that all your valuables and your appliances are put away, somewhere they can’t be seen from outside. Close the curtains for rooms that contain larger appliances like TVs and speakers. You can also get light switch timers, so it’ll look like someone is home turning lights on and off during the day and before bedtime. Do everything to make your house look less tempting for criminals.

And in order to prevent any damage caused by an unexpected power surge, be sure to unplug any and all electronic devices. This will also prevent them from using up energy that can drive up your bills while you’re away, because some appliances will use energy when they’re plugged in even if they are turned off.

Install a Home Security System

Luckily with modern technology there are many resources available to keep an eye on your home when you’re traveling. A home security system is a must, it’ll alert the company who will alert the authorities if there is a break-in. There are also security systems that come connected to other environmental alarms such as flood alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke detectors. Even if you’re across the country, or across an ocean, rest assured that the security system will monitor your house for you. You can also install outdoor security lights with motion sensors, which will likely scare away potential robbers from trying to break in. Use a doorbell camera system so you can see who approaches your door on your phone, even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

Just make sure that before you leave on vacation that your home security company knows that you’ll be out of town and for how long. That way if any kind of emergency occurs and the alarms go off, they’ll contact the authorities right away to check if it was a false alarm instead of calling you while you work on your tan.

Don’t Post on Social Media

This is difficult, because everyone likes to share the adventures they had to their friends and family members. Everyone likes to showcase the lovely pictures of a sunset on a beach you took, or the fun people you met in another country. But if everyone can see you talking about your vacation, criminals will see it too. Don’t let people know that your home is completely abandoned. Don’t give them details about it. If you must, post about your vacation after you get back home. The last thing you need is for some robber to think you’re handing them your house on a silver platter.

It’s important to take a break from everyday life. It’s important and fun to relax and go somewhere new. But your responsibilities don’t go away completely. Be smart, keep your home safe. Leave it in the hands of someone you trust. Use modern technology to your advantage. That way when you return, the only things you need to worry about are unpacking your bags and soothing your sunburns.