How To Increase Quality Time With Your Kids Despite Being Busy


You love your kids. These days, however, it feels like you’re not spending very much time with them. Your problem is a lack of time, not a lack of interest. Your days are consumed by crucial tasks you must do like your job. So how do you find more time for your kids? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Teach Them About Your Job

Internet and technology are becoming more strongly intertwined with people’s lives, no doubt including yours, as time goes on. As such, it becomes more important than ever for every person and business to understand good data management.

You may already have to make time to learn about protecting sensitive data. You may be exploring encryption, for example, for both personal and professional roles in your life. If you run or own a business, you may be investigating data cleansing.

Whatever efforts you are making, why not involve your children? Kids today start with electronics like tablets while still babies or toddlers, enjoying colorful apps and read-along stories. This early tech exposure makes it important to also start young teaching them the good and bad of how it works. Since you have to learn it anyway, involving your kids in the time you spend on this subject is a great way to combine quality time with education.

Involve Them in Your Necessary Tasks

As a father or mother, every day involves must-do tasks. Although you do it for the well-being of your kids, you may feel like it gets in the way of spending quality time with them! You have laundry, cooking, yard work, errands and many other things. Consider turning your have-to-do list into quality family time. After all, kids love to help and learn, and they also need to hone life skills from an early age.

Turn doing laundry into a dance party. Teach your kids how to price compare, then let them identify the cheaper grocery option. Pick a fun dinner, such as mini-pizzas, and get them involved in the measuring, mixing and assembling.

Although it takes time initially to teach them, in the long run it may speed up how fast the chores get done. To further motivate your kids, you may even want to come up with delightful rewards for when it’s over, such as a trip to the playground with the time you’re saving because of their assistance.

Schedule Designated Time With Your Family

The busier your schedule is, the harder it is to find spare time. When you and your family stay so busy it’s hard to cross paths, scheduling a few hours a week becomes a critical tool. When and how much time you schedule is up to you and your family, but there are many ways you can do it:

  • Plan to have dinner together as a family every single night, even if it means merely pausing your work at the office for an hour and then returning there afterward.
  • Tuck in your children and read them at least one bedtime story each night.
  • Choose one day each week, such as Saturday or Sunday mornings, for family activities. These could include things like reading stories together, going to the park or playing games (board, card or even multiplayer console games).
  • Combine a business trip you have to drive out of town for with a family vacation.

That said, do not forget to work in time with your children individually, too. Regular one-on-one time is important for bonding with your child and understanding his or her individual needs and interests.

Is sticking to a schedule just not possible right now? You can still connect with your kids. Hand-write notes of praise, love, wishing them luck on tests and so on, then drop the notes in their lunch bags or boxes. Likewise, record mini-videos and text them to your children.

The Main Point

Of course, these are only a few ways to work in time with your children. Get creative about the ways your time can be stretched to include them more and you are bound to find many opportunities to spend more of the time you desire with your kids.