How to Improve the Outside Appeal of Your Home

Loretta Jane

How to Improve the Appeal of Your Home

Whether you're remodeling your entire home or sprucing up a room with a fresh coat of paint, this post is going to show you how to do it right. Giving your front yard an awesome makeover and increasing your home's curb appeal is easier than you think.

Front Yard

The front yard is the first thing people see when they visit your home. Whether you're trying to sell your house or you're just someone who takes pride in beautiful landscaping, giving your front yard a makeover will create memorable impressions for your friends, neighbors or potential homebuyers. First step for awesome curb appeal is super easy. Just clean up your yard, mow the grass, use a weed whacker around all of the structures in the yard, yank out those pesky weeds out of the ground, and hide the garden hoses by mounting them on your house or storing them. Blow away all of the debris and pressure wash everything. Blasting away years of dirt equals instant gratification.

Give Your Home Personality

Give your house personality by dressing up the windows with decorative window shutters. You can make them yourself with treated lumber and stain them with timber oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Your porch columns may have seen better days. You can spruce them up by wrapping them with some fresh lumber and adding some dimension to them by capping the top and bottom. All you are going to do is tacking them with a nail gun. Nothing fancy but it is really easy to do. You can stain the wood with the same timber oil you used to stain the shudders, and it will look great from the curb.

Front Door

Paint the front door and install new hardware. It's the first thing people see when they walk into your home, so it needs to be inviting. You can paint your front door any color you like, but if you just can't decide on a color, there are many tutorials online about how to choose the perfect paint color for any project.


A brand new mailbox might not score you a ton of curb appeal points, but look at it this way; it's a good looking, has inexpensive upgrades, and it’s easy to install now. For an even better front appeal, consider sweating slab syndrome solutions to stabilize those concrete surfaces in your yard.

Plant Grass and Flowers

Add some color and contrast to the yard with annuals and mulch. Annuals and mulch are inexpensive and give the yard instant color. And even if you don't plant many plants, the mulch adds definition to the landscaping bed and makes it look complete. To figure out how much soil and mulch you will need for your garden and landscaping projects, check out online calculators. You don't want all your hard work to go to waste, so you will be taking some steps to maintain your curb appeal. First, you’re going to cover any bare spots with a seed patch. It's grass seed, fertilizer and mulch all in one, and it will grow just about anywhere. Loosen up the soil, spread out the seed and water it. You should have grass in no time. You want to grow grass, not weeds. Use a broadcast spreader to hit every corner of the yard with weed and feed. This mixture is going to feed the grass to help it grow while killing off all the weed. Remember to regularly mow your lawn to keep out weeds.

Patio Furniture and Welcome Mat

All you need to finish up this curb appeal makeover is some patio furniture and a new welcome mat. Choose light colors and inspirational messages on your welcome mat.

Now the transformation is complete, and you didn't bust your budget to make it happen. And all of these little changes really add up to some amazing curb appeal. Remember, projects like this should be a fun, inspirational adventure. And now you know how to do it, right?