How To Improve Fertility the Natural Way


Planning a family can be exciting, but it may feel stressful as well, especially if it isn't happening on the timeline you would like. That doesn't mean, though, that you need to feel concerned. There can be many natural ways to give your fertility a boost. In fact, many of the things that will boost fertility can be great for easing a wide variety of issues that are related to your hormone function, like severe PMS, mood swings and energy levels, too.

Get Some Supplemental Help

One of the primary reasons that you may experience decreased fertility is hormonal imbalance. While there are many ways to help get your hormones back on track, adding a supplement to your daily health regimen can be one of the simpler ways to do this. Additionally, there are different types of supplements that can be helpful for hormone balance, so it can be helpful to do research about what would be a good hormone balance supplement for you and your specific situation.

Banish Stress With Breathing Exercises and Mindfulness

Stress can be the biggest enemy of hormone balance. Not only does stress increase hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in your system, but these stress hormones can in turn throw all of your other hormones off balance, especially your sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Not only that, but stress can also deplete your body of healthy cholesterols, which are the building blocks necessary for hormone production.

Fine-Tune Your Diet

Even though a supplement can have an impact on your hormones, what you eat tends to play a much more significant role in your hormone function. There is no one set diet that will work for everyone that is trying to increase fertility, however, there are a few things that will be beneficial no matter who you are. One of these is cutting, or at least reducing, your sugar intake. Sugar not only causes weight gain and puts strain on your heart, but it also has a negative impact on your blood sugar, which ultimately affects your hormones. While you are working on cutting out sugar, taking steps it include more fresh leafy greens, as well as fresh produce and lean protein will also be beneficial.

Take Sleep Seriously

Most are aware that they feel much better when they get enough sleep, but they may not be aware of the direct link between the amount of sleep they get, and their hormonal health. At night, your body not only produces and generates more hormones, but also undergoes processes that keep your hormones balanced in general. When you miss out on a night of sleep, your stress hormones can spike, which will result in throwing all of your other hormones off balance. Not only will you be more prone to crankiness and overeating because of a lack of sleep, but your sex hormones will often be disrupted, as well.

Have Fun With Exercise

If you're looking for a quick way to help get your hormones in order, exercise can be a great way to accomplish this. However, when you're working out with the purpose of balancing your hormones, you'll often have better success if you do workouts that you enjoy. If you do workouts that are too strenuous, or that you find stressful to do, you could end up increasing your stress hormones, rather than decreasing them. Whether you prefer to go jogging, or feel like yoga is more your style, choosing exercises that you enjoy can help you with improving your physique and banishing stress, but with improving your hormone function, too.

A Parting Note

Deciding to start a family can be exciting, but if you're struggling with your fertility it can feel stressful, and challenging as well. The good news is, though, that there are things you can do, from eating a healthy diet to practicing mindfulness, that can help you get your hormones on track, and increase your fertility.