How To Deal With Picky Eaters


How To Deal With Picky Eaters

Ok so my stepson is the fussiest eater on the planet, he won’t even eat plain cheese pizza!!! Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, my partner and I have come up with a few strategies that can help our son still actually eat something and also not make us feel like we are in a war with him over food.

Plan Ahead

If you and the whole family are going out for a meal or are just out for the day and you plan on getting a bite to eat while you are out. Make sure you have something for the picky eaters in your blended family. In the case of my step son, his go to food was cheese and ham sandwiches. So if we were going to be out for the day or even going out to eat, we would make sure he would have a couple of cheese and ham sandwiches. Most restaurants will be cool with this if you explain the situation to them. Some might say this is giving in to a picky eater, but I can tell you these same people have never had an argument with a kid in a restaurant over chicken nuggets, so do not feel bad about doing something like this!

Be Patient

It can be so easy to lose your temper and end up in an argument over food like you are dealing with a prisoner on a hunger strike. But please, please, please keep your cool and do not get stressed out. It can make eating time seem like a huge chore, not just for you, but your child as well.

Try Two And I Will Leave You Alone

If you have picky eaters in your blended family then you know getting them to try new food is like asking them to stop playing video games. But we have gotten into a thing where now that he is a little older we can reason with him. We have a system where we ask him to try two bites or even two pieces of a particular food, just two. This way he can taste it and before he automatically says yuck, he is going to have another bite. We have actually found a few new foods for him that he likes this way, but if we had let him have just one bite and left it there, we would not have as it is always on that second try they realize it is nice. Some people are against “forcing” a kid to try new food and he if he was dead set against it we would not make him. But if we feel that he is at the very least willing to give it a try, we do try and push it a little.

No TV & Make Meal Times Short

We have a rule in our house (which I am sure you can imagine did not go down well) that there is no TV at meal times. This is so that we can all actually talk and try and make meal times fun and also so that our resident fussy eater does not have a big distraction. Meal times should be fun! So also make sure they do not last too long 20 minutes to 30 minutes at the extreme most is how long meal times should be. Any more than this, especially if you are trying to coach them to eat food is not fun and it makes the kid feel bad, you feel annoyed and it is just horrible for everyone.

These are just a few of the ways we have dealt with a picky eater. Trust me, I know it is not easy and can be frustrating. But just try and stick with it and try to make meal times not a big deal as much as possible.

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As a picky kid growing up, I know that scheduling meals a day or so ahead of time made it easier to deal with picky kids during family meals or outings.



This is a big issue in our household!