How to Create the Best Learning Environment for Your Kids

Loretta Jane

All About The Environment

Our kids are one of the most important aspects of our lives and we want to make sure that they are always in the best environments as possible. Learning is so important to parents and we want to always ensure that they are in a learning environment that they are able to thrive in. We can make sure our children are in the best learning environment by making sure that it’s safe, engaging, and hands on.

Safely First

We all know how important it is to have a safe environment for our children. When learning many kids learn best by playing outside. To ensure that the learning environment for our children is safe outside we can make sure that the lawn is cut low. It’s a great idea to look up the best lawn care service and maintenance companies to make sure that your lawn is staying in top notch safe to be a great learning environment for your children. Another place that we need to make sure is safe is inside of our homes. If want to make are the environment on the inside of the home is safe you need to ensure that all of your cleaning products are properly locked and stored away. Babies especially can get to these things and it will not be a great idea to have these items in the learning environment.

Make It Engaging

Making the learning environment for your children to be engaging can be fun for you and them to look at. It’s so easy to make your home one of the best places for your children to learn. You can buy colorful alphabet magnets and place them on the refrigerator so that when you are cooking or your children are in the kitchen they are seeing their letters and learning them. You can also place different posters with different things that they should be learning inside of their room as well such as colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet. Letting your children see these things each day will bring structure in their learning environment and allow for them to see it every day as memorize it. They will be learning and having fun all at the same time. Instead of purchasing a toy that is useless you can purchase educational toys that way while your children are at home playing they will be constantly learning and this is a great way to create one fold the best learning environments.

Let It Be Hands On

Let’s be honest, no child likes to be preached to about how something works and they will not even pay attention long enough to understand what you are saying. Having them be hands on will allow them to learn more effectively and be active as well. They can have hands on activities that can make the best learning environment such as painting, coloring, counting with different shapes and even different goes of finger food if you have little tiny babies. Also having colorful learning blocks is another fun way to let your children learn and build different types of skills that they should develop to become the best they can be. Keeping them hands on will allow for them to process things differently and learn new ways of doing things. If you follow these few tips to make the best learning environment for you child I can promise you that you will have the best learning environment that can allow for your children to thrive and be the best that they can be. You will be a proud parent.

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We use stickers all over the room for the kids to memorize words faster. I'm a bilingual teacher and it's a method we use at school too. My kids (Ashley - 6, and Ron - 8) are learning French now and it's really a health environment when they can listen to the native speakers on the FrenchABCs and other educational channels.

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