How To Cope When Children Have Disabilities


Never let a disability prevent you or your child from living the best life possible. The truth is that you can make life any way you want it to be. You don't have to listen to others or be beat down. Here are some easy ways to help yourself and your child live a wonderful life with a disability.

Accentuate Ability

A child can be limited by their disability, but this is true for everyone. Rather than focusing on what they can't do, help them to focus on what they can do. Create a wealth of activities to do with your child. If they're limited by a wheelchair, make a fun activity by playing "sock ball." This involves throwing balled up socks into a laundry basket for a minute at a time. Have a starting or laughing contest. You could have a soft snowball fight with crumpled pieces of paper or special cotton material snowballs. Focusing on ability creates empowerment.

Customize Life

Along with accentuating ability, you need to customize a life that makes things easier for yourself and your child. If showering at night is hard, find time to do it in the day. Find safe ways for your child to calm down when it's been a particularly hard day. This can be a good time to watch some TV and have a snack. Invisible hearing aids can help a child with a hearing disability. The idea is that you look at your needs and your child's needs. Find a solution or remedy for your needs. This will significantly decrease the amount of stress you have in your life, and you and your child will be happier.

Build Them Up

The world might continually remind your child of their disability. Your child's condition isn't a negative thing. It's just a difference, but the world doesn't always see things this way. The reality is that fearful and insecure people will point out differences as though they are bad. It's time to teach your child the truth about this and that they can shine despite others' fear and insecurities. This is true for everyone: You need to know yourself better than anyone else does. People will try to say all kinds of hurtful things about you. You have to know the truth that you're none of those hurtful things. It takes a big heart to choose love in a world of hate.

Backup Plans

Things will happen. That's true for everyone. You need to think of worst case scenarios for multiple issues. You don't need to plan for the end of the world, but you want to consider your child's condition, if they get sick, if you get sick and what they need in the event you have a natural disaster or something like a flat tire. Plan for these things. There will be days when you're exhausted. It's okay to heat up frozen foods or order pizza for the evening. Give yourself permission to let some things, like dishes, go for the evening. You can always do them at a later time, but it's hard to do everything when your immune system is shot from being so tired.

Create a Safe and Efficient Environment

You want to have a home that can help your child and provide things according to their needs. Hard flooring is good for wheelchairs. Soft surfaces can help assist those with ambulatory problems. You might need customized tables and chairs to meet your child's needs or have an open layout to prevent falls. Along with assisting your child's needs, you need to consider your own. Keep things running efficiently by customizing your home in the way you need it to be too.

Things aren't going to be perfect, and that's okay. However, deciding to live a wonderful life despite some limitations creates a life of beauty. If anything, people with disabilities are some of the most beautiful people in the world because they love despite others' hate, and they know wisdom and strength like no one else. Tell your child to rock on, and you should rock on too!