How To Clean Your Kid's Toughest Stains

Emily Burton

Children can be messy and whatever they touch seems to get dirty and stained. These are some tips on how to clean popular stains that children make and make the items look clean again.

Cleaning a Mattress

If children have a cut or if they get a bloody nose, this blood can stain the mattress. Many parents wonder how to get blood out of mattress. If there is blood on the mattress a parent can make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and salt. They should mix these items until they form a paste. This can then be spread on the strained part of the mattress and it should be allowed to dry. The mixture can be scraped off and the stain should come with it. If there is still some blood left on the mattress a parent can dip a clean white rag in hydrogen peroxide and dab the area until it becomes clear.


If children use pens or if they happen to find a pen ink can lead to a big mess. To remove an ink stain from clothing or a carpet a cotton swab is dipped into rubbing alcohol and then swept across the stain. This will help lift the ink and remove it from the fabric.


Children have accidents. This can be embarrassing for them and also stain fabrics. To remove urine from clothing a paper towel should be used to blot up as much of the urine. The item should then be put in the washer machine at the highest heat setting with a strong detergent. To help remove the stain and the smell adds a cup of distilled white vinegar. If this does not get out the stain allow the item to sit in the vinegar mixed with some cool water overnight. Wash the item again and the stain and the smell will come out.


Children should be running and playing outside for fun but grass stains are no fun for parents. The grass stain should be rubbed with a stain remover. An old toothbrush can be used to apply this to the stain. It should be allowed to sit for 15 minutes. If the stain has been there for a longer time it may have to sit overnight. The clothing should then be washed on the highest setting and it will come out of the clothing.


Mud can be fun for the child to play in. They may like jumping in the mud puddles. Mud no longer has to be hard to remove. To get the mud out of clothing or even the rug use laundry detergent. It can be applied directly to the stain with a brush. It should then be rinsed off. If there is a lot of mud this process may have to be repeated twice.


Children get into all kinds of things and may end up with grease stains. If they are helping out around the home or helping fix something this can be very messy. To remove grease a mixture of vinegar and water should be made. It should be put right on the stain. Laundry detergent should then be added to the mix. The item should be rinsed off. Do not allow it to dry until the stain is removed.

These are some ways to get rid of tough stains from children. Children like to have fun and play but this can lead to messes. Removing the stain will help the parents get these items clean so they do not have to be thrown away and money is wasted.