How to Be the "Fun" Parents


Having a Fun Family

Once you become parents, it's hard to be fun. You are focused on your responsibilities. You don't think you can be fun and strict parents at the same time. You are focused on teaching your kids the things they need to know, and that's good. You have to remember that they are still kids. They need to play and have fun. It's apart of being a kid. You need to make time to balance being a fun parent and a serious one.

Make Chores Fun

Chores have to get done. You have to teach your kids responsibility and discipline. You can do this and play with your kids at the same time. Turning chores into a game gets your kids excited about cleaning. Your kids won't get upset about cleaning if it's fun for them. Instead of telling them to stop playing and put away their toys. You can pretend their toy chest is a basket, and putting their toys in it earns them a point. They will be enjoying themselves so much they won't realize they are cleaning.


Bedtime is a fighting time for you and your child. You get them in bed at a decent hour, but this doesn't mean they are ready for sleep. Every kid wants to stay up and watch tv or play all night until they fall asleep. Your way of putting them to bed is telling them to go to sleep and turning off the light. Instead of waiting for them to start crying or coming into your room to play. You can make bedtime fun too. Climb in the bed with them and tell them creative bedtime stories. Get your kids some glow in the dark stickers, put them on the ceiling and count the stars until they fall asleep.


Instead of teaching them all the time, let your child be the teacher sometimes. Let them show you how they like to learn and how they like to play. Participate in the games that they play. Let them be in charge sometimes so you can learn the things they like to do. Make it easier for yourself to be the fun parent by learning what makes your kid smile.


You can't be fun if you are still mad about something your kid did yesterday. Even if you are trying to hide it, your kids know when you are upset at them. They will avoid you because they don't want to upset you more. For your kids to want to play with you and for you to be the fun parent. You have to forgive them for the mistakes they make.

Include Your Kids

You have a lot of responsibilities to take care of so you might not have time for playing. So, why not do both at the same time? Turn your housework into quality time for you and your little one. Your kids want to be involved, but they don't know-how. You can include them in things like cooking by letting them do simple things. Show them how to set the table while you are making dinner. After you are finished cooking with them. You can enjoy a family dinner with them. They will enjoy the food even more because they were apart of making it.


Being the fun parent is all about being creative. You have to create things to do with family to make those memorable moments. Being the fun parents makes it easier for you and your kid.You can teach your kids, and they will want to learn. Create a fun and healthy environment for your kids.