How the Whole Family Can Benefit From Aromatherapy in the Home


Essential oils are not only natural and plant-based, they have many benefits for your entire family, not the least of which is helping to maintain the health and wellness of everyone in your home.

Often referred to as the "living essence" of plants, the oils are considered to have come from the parts of the plants that bring them life and help them sustain that life. They are brought together through a distilling process that sees the plant parts placed over boiling water, with small droplets of oil being collected in the steam. That steam is then cooled, allowing it to turn back into water, which separates from the oil, allowing the oil to be collected.

Throughout history, plants have offered humans oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and even shelter to keep warm and dry. In short, they are what have helped us to survive for so long. They work together with the human body, and as such, essential oils and the natural benefits of their aromatherapy are highly recommended to help our entire bodies.

Aromatherapy can be used in any number of ways throughout the home. One popular way of experiencing the oils is through diffusion, along with topical application. As you continue their usage, you will begin to notice more and more benefits for your entire family. From cleaning the house to even uses in your baking, these oils will offer support for your entire body.

Aromatherapy Benefits

  • maintain emotional health
  • help calm
  • promote relaxation, leading to a more restful sleep
  • helps to relax your muscles after physical labor
  • create an uplifting scent for focusing
  • helps to reduce occasional nausea

Aromatherapy Benefits For Your Bod

  • Promotes muscles and joints when massaged on skin
  • Help support immune function

Because they are so potent, you need only a small amount to feel the effects. In fact, one small bottle can last for months at a time, even if you are using it on a daily basis.

They are absorbed through the skin very quickly, allowing their powers to be released quickly before they evaporate. They do not feel greasy or oily the way fatty oils do. Because they absorb so quickly, they are able to reach the area in which they are going to help even faster, allowing their job to begin quickly and efficiently.

However, it is important to note that their ability to evaporate quickly means that you should remember to put the cap back on quickly after using them in order to prevent this. In addition, they will last longer if kept away from heat or light. If stored properly they have the ability to last indefinitely.

In addition, citrus oils such as orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit do tend to have a shorter shelf life. As such, you may wish to keep these in the refrigerator to help increase the amount of time you will be able to use them.

Lastly, commercially processed oils are typically made with harmful chemicals and will not be all natural. As such, it is recommended to stick with therapeutic grade oils in order to fully receive all the health benefits mentioned above. Because a trusted source is so important when considering which oils to purchase, consider doterra oil distillation, which carry a CPTG trademark. Making sure the products you use carry this trademark is not only important for yourself, but for the health and safety of everyone in your home.