How Moms Can Recover From Holiday Burnout


The holiday season brings joy, laughter and many precious moments to your home. However, after rushing around for the past six weeks, creating holiday magic for your family, you may be experiencing fatigue.

Decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, planning activities and more can leave you feeling wiped out by the time new year's eve rolls around. Take some time to restore your energy. Even supermoms need to relax.

Get Moving

It is great to sit around eating snacks, watching movies and playing games with your family during the holiday break, but after the festivities are over, it is time to move your body. Head outside for a jog or a walk around the block. Add a few quick sessions of exercise to your day or spend some time playing with your children. Join them in a round of Just Dance or pay tag out in the yard. Your body will feel energized with the added benefit of quality time spent with your family. Plus, it may even distract them from screens for a little while as well.

Have a Spa Day at Home

A spa retreat at home is the perfect gift to give yourself after all the work you put in to make the holidays enjoyable for your family. Grab some calming bath salts (glass of wine optional) and soak away some stress in the bathtub for a while. Enlist the help of an aromatherapy soap to melt your tensions away.

After your bath, massage your face with a calming roller that reduces puffiness, too. Then, cleanse and tone with your favorite skincare products and apply Beverly Hills MD Deep Wrinkle Filler to look and feel refreshed and restored. Read BHMD Deep Wrinkle Filler reviews to see why it is worth trying.

Drink Some Water

It is easy to forget the many benefits of staying hydrated. Getting enough water helps you maintain healthy energy levels, improves your mood, concentration and memory. Water assists in preventing headaches and keeps your body healthy in numerous ways. Adequate water intake also plumps your skin and improves its elasticity, resulting in less visible wrinkles and a glowing appearance.

Call a Friend

Plan a time when you can chat with a friend via phone, Facebook messenger or a coffee date. Spending some time to connect socially helps alleviate stress and restore your energy. Do not get stuck thinking you have to plan a big outing or have endless time for a phone call. As little as 10 minutes of conversation can boost your mental state. And if laughter is part of your interaction, you may even boost your immune system.


Find a time each day to center your mind and body by eliminating the noise of your daily routine and focusing on your breathing with meditation. Do not talk yourself out of it by thinking you do not have time. Even a few minutes of quieting your mind is beneficial to your mental and physical well-being.

Be Grateful

Sometimes, the pressure of preparing holiday events and meals and gifts can make you forget how many beautiful things are present in your life. Make an effort to practice being thankful. Keep a gratitude journal or designate a specific time of day to pause and reflect on things you do not want to take for granted. Let others know how you appreciate them as well.

Get Some Sleep Already

You always hear this advice, but sleep deprivation takes a significant toll on your body and mind. The flurry of holiday activities may have prevented you from getting enough sleep, but you can focus on creating a good routine now that the busy-ness of the season is behind you.

You work hard to make your children's holidays full of magic moments. Remember that you deserve and require time for yourself, too. Put your mom skills to work addressing your needs to feel refreshed and ready for the new year.