How Location Affects Happiness of Families


Fond memories of childhood conjure up emotions tucked away for decades and conjure up warm feelings surrounded by family and friends. That’s how it should be for everyone. Reality teaches us this isn’t always true.

Regardless of reason, many people never experience warm summer nights playing outside with other neighborhood kids. One-parent household and scrimping and saving to feed the family isn’t what most people care to remember.

Some ask if the above scenarios occur because of where the family lives or something else such as income, for example. Using income as a basis, bad living situations may result from low income, divorce, loss of work, or other reasons.

If we remove income from the discussion and talk about location, the likelihood of fond memories mentioned earlier increases. For more perspective on this point, consider unhappiness of people living in a heavily populated area such as New York.

In a report by Live Science, New York is near the bottom of their happiness list. They mention congestion, high house prices, and bad air quality as the main causes of unhappiness. Keep in mind congestion on the East Coast came about because people considered the area the best place to make a good living. The result is overcrowding and high prices.

Is it Time to Move?

Higher income has a positive effect on perception of happiness, but it’s not the only factor. From the perspective of parents, ability to support a growing family ranks high on the list of satisfaction and location. Deciding to move to another state for a decidedly better lifestyle is exciting and challenging.

After careful consideration of the advantages and positive changes by moving, parents conclude moving is the best choice to accomplish their goals. They can realize their long-dormant dream of building a solid foundation to build on and enjoy family life in a place they love.

A great example of a friendly, accommodating location for families is Colorado. Many people locate there for a variety of reasons. Affordability and employment rank highest on the list with quality of life. New homes in Colorado Springs suggest why it’s ranked the 2nd best place to live in the United States in 2018.

Moving is expensive, and research involved in finding a suitable location is time-consuming. However, it’s worth every effort to provide a better life for your family. Among many criteria for moving to an ideal location involves more than affordability although it’s equally important as anything else.

Aside from moving costs and transportation to your new home, other essential factors play a major role in the happiness department for the family. Are their possible playmates for your kids and are the schools rated favorably? If the family needs daycare, are these expenses within budget?

Is Your State Home after All?

Considering the expense and headaches involved with relocating, have you reconsidered and looked at your home state through a different prism? It’s true some states offer a better environment for raising a family, but have you thought critically about what your state offers versus others?

Perhaps a different city in your state offers all your looking for in a new home location. A suggestion is look at different areas in detail. It’s possible another city is waiting for you to call home. If your mind's made up to move out of state, take comfort knowing you considered all options.

Make a New Start

Sometimes it takes a whole family to decide where to live. It’s not that children have a direct say, but their needs and the family’s needs together decide. Home is where best memories and moments come from. School plays and sports games soon fill schedules. Homework is the topic of the day.

Dinnertime is the best time ever. It’s when everyone gets together and bonds as a family. Daily happenings get updated, and fun is everywhere. The memories made here last a lifetime, thanks to a great decision to consider each detail of your family’s needs, including your new city.

Each state has characteristics unique to itself, and attracts people for reasons of quality of life, weather, employment, and the list goes on. Each family has needs, too, and location plays an important role in meeting those needs.