Helping your Kids the Best you Can


Having kids and determining to raise them as best you can is one of the best investments you can make in life. Not to mention, it can be very rewarding as you see them grow up, embrace life, and become their own individuals. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing that something you had a hand in, turned out so wonderful. But how do you know that you are raising your kids in a way that gives them everything they need to succeed and be the best versions of themselves? You really can't. Growing up, believe it or not, is what they do. It is not what you do for them. Take heart, because there are several ways in which you can help them the best you can.

1. You're getting sleepy

Good sleep habits are formed early in children's lives, and are sustained throughout their childhoods. Adequate sleep is very important for children as they grow. It is during their trip to the Land of Nod, that blood flow is increased to the muscles, energy reserves are restored, the body's tissues can be repaired, and the hormones crucial for development are liberated. Is it hard for your child to get to sleep? Do they look tired and listless in the morning? There are a few things you can do to give them the opportunity to fully rest their bodies.

Remove technology

Technology has an insomnia-like effect on some children. You should make sure that all technology is turned off for 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. Do not allow phones, tablets, or laptops in their sleeping rooms.

Buy comfortable beds

There is nothing like a nice, comfortable bed to give your children a restful night's sleep. Make sure they have nice latex mattresses, which are comfortable, relieve pressure and provide spinal support for growing bodies.

Stick to a routine

Do not allow your children to "stall". Many kids will think of a thousand and one things to do before bedtime. If you make the time just before bed pleasant, it doesn't have to be a source of frustration or a power struggle. Follow certain steps every single night. Give your children cues that lead them naturally to embrace bed time as a normal part of the day. Maybe set a timer, starting one hour before bedtime. Allow them choices. "You may choose to watch one more show or you can stop now, so you have time for a story after your bath."

2. Eat your Brussels sprouts

Eating right is a lifestyle choice. It doesn't happen by mistake. It must be an intentional part of your daily routine and that of your children. They must see you eat right because that will be their greatest motivation. Studies show that children who eat nutritious foods, perform better in school, are less likely to get sick, and grow taller and stronger. But what are the best foods for kids to eat and how do you get them to at least try them? We know that kids need nturient-rich foods, including fats for their growing brains, calcium to strengthen their rapidly developing bones, and tons of the vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables.

Eggs are chock full of nutrients. They are excellent sources of protein, vitamins B, and D, iron and choline, which, among many other things, is good for your child's growing brain.

Yogurt and... anything else nutritious. Stick apples in a cup of yogurt. Make a smoothie of it with blueberries, with some spinach thrown in. Yogurt goes good with a lot of other great foods and it provides probiotics, protein, calcium, and a host of other nutrients.

Leafy greens like spinach or kale have robust amounts of vitamin A, K, and plenty of other minerals like calcium.

3. Lights, Camera, Action!

Kids need to get moving everyday. There are few things more important than a child's need to move nearly non-stop. Studies show that kids eat better, sleep better, work better, play better, and behave better when they are regularly active. Adults may think of exercise as being the only time one is active. Actually, kids have many more opportunities to be physically mobile. Gym class, recess, extracurricular sports and other physical activities, riding bikes and scooters, or just bouncing on a backyard trampoline.

These are three of the most important ways to invest in your children and ensure that they have the opportunity to become everything they are capable of, as they grow through the years.