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Parenting isn't easy, but it could be easier. It's ok if you need help with parenting and your not the perfect parent. Here's something people don't know, no parent is! They may seem perfect, but they aren't. They have gotten better through mistakes and experience. They needed guidance and tips on what they should do too. Just like they got hep you can get help too. Help yourself by reading these tips to make parenting so much easier.

Life Changes

Some people think they can keep their old life when they have kids. You can keep some parts of it, but most of it will have to go. Changing is a part of becoming a parent you will feel like a different person, and you are. Your needs and wants come 2nd to your children's needs and safety. You’ll need to upgrade your sports car to something bigger or better, like a crossover SUV. You might want to keep your loft but have to move into a family home with a backyard. You will be frustrated at first because it seems like your whole life has changed. After a while, you will see that these changes make it easier for you to parent.

Child Proof Everything

Childproofing means making your house or car safe for a child. Covering sharp counters and electric sockets prevent your child from being hurt by them. You should go through your entire house and car and cover any safety hazards you can find. When your child is running through the house, you won't have to worry about them hurting themselves.

Parenting Hacks

There are tons of parenting hacks and tricks that will make your everyday life easier. For instance, giving your toddler water instead of actual paints to paint outside. They will be occupied and not make a mess for you to clean up. Tie rubber bands around both doorknobs, so it covers the latch, preventing your child from locking themselves in rooms. There are plenty of these little hacks you can research and try at home.


Children learn through experience like us. They need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. Rewarding them when they do something right is teaching them the difference. They will associate the thing they did right with rewards. Teaching them to do this more often, so they get a reward or praise.

Pay Attention

Paying attention to your child's behavior can prevent a lot of chaos and confusion. Children often let you know when they need something even if they don't say it. They will display certain behavior when they get sleepy or need something. If you pay attention to them, you will start to notice this behavior. You will be able to give them what they need before they start to act up.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with your children is as important as teaching them. Take the time to stop and have fun with them. Show them love and affection because they are still children. For them to learn properly, they need to unwind. Quality time also shows them you love them and builds a bond.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself can make parenting a lot easier. Parenting is more stressful when you are already tense and angry from neglecting your needs. You have to be happy and healthy to take care of your children properly.


Parenting is a lot of responsibility, but it doesn't have to be so hard. Make it easier on yourself. Use these tips in your everyday life. Your children will respond well to them, and your job won't be as tough.