Great Activities For Your Kids to Do at Home


Keeping your kids busy every day while social distancing from the world is a hard task. While most parents are prepared for a few days, with no set end in sight, filling the days is becoming increasingly difficult. Follow this guide for some fun ways to stay busy, without ever leaving the house.

Exercise Some Brainpower

While school is out, that doesn’t mean that your child’s education needs to stop. Fortunately, sites like BrainPOP and Scholastic Magazine are offering free resources for children of all ages. This includes a variety of subjects from science to social studies. Take advantage of some of these unique learning opportunities to offer your kids the chance to get a head start on their education.

Tour A National Park

Missing out on that family vacation? Google has you covered with the Hidden World of National Parks, a way to do a virtual tour of five of some of the most beautiful national parks in America. You can make the tour more special with healthy trail mix snacks and sleeping bags, bringing the fun of camping to your living room.

Visit an Aquarium

Another exciting option is to show your kids the ocean. The world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium has set up live camera streams throughout the aquarium. Take the time to watch otters as they swim and play around their tank. If looking for a more calming experience, try the open sea or bay cameras for soothing scenery all from the comfort of your couch.

Explore the Zoo

If your kids are more interested in animals like pandas or lions, the San Diego Zoo is running both live streams and pre-recorded footage of the animals. Help your kids learn about some of the creatures before seeing them so that they are getting both an educational and wild adventure while at home. Each live stream is accompanied by a quick description of the animal as well as the specific names of the ones you and your children will get to see.

Take in Some Art

Bring some of the world masterpieces home, with one of the many virtual museum tours that are being offered. You can teach your kids about some of the great artists of the past and present. From the early Renaissance masters to modern-day greats, these collections can help you inspire the burgeoning artist in your child. Don’t forget to help your child embrace their inner artist with some of the free coloring sheets available online. The kids will love the opportunity to put their touch on the classics.

Do Some Arts and Crafts

Taking in the art may not be enough for your little one. Give your children some time to make their creations. Let your kids build their unique designs using fleece fabric. Some fun ideas include creating a picture using a story from their life or designing a new stuffed animal, or letting your kids take charge of coming up with their ideas of how to create something exciting. Your kids will love spending the day creating new projects, and you’ll love seeing the smiles on their faces.

Blast into Outer Space

If Earth is getting a little boring, let your kids explore the universe with the Space Center Houston App. Your children can take tours of the space center, use virtual reality to explore the moon or watch the Saturn V launch, use maps to find all the exciting museum highlights and keep up to date on all the interesting events at the center. Finish off your exploration with some unique space theme selfie filters, for an out-of-this-world keepsakes.

Being stuck at home can be a wild adventure, from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of the stars and everything in between, enjoy this special time you get to spend with your family. Make the most of your day with some exciting opportunities to spend more time with your kids.