Give the Kids the Best Summer Break With These Activities

Craig Middleton

When your children are on their summer break from school, you will want to keep them busy with the best activities. Don't permit your children to sit all day watching television or playing games on a computer because this inactivity will make them gain weight, and it also is not a learning experience. Here are some of the ways to keep your children busy this summer.

Activity 1: Visit a Zoo

Summer is a great time to visit a zoo so that your children can see a variety of animals. In addition to seeing animals that are from Africa or Australia, there is often a petting zoo so that children can touch animals such as goats or donkeys, and they can often hold small animals such as rabbits. You can spend an entire day at a zoo that also has an aquarium with a dolphin or whale show in addition to exhibits of smaller creatures such as crabs.

Activity 2: Hiking In the Woods

Take your children hiking in the woods to see trees and wildflowers along with wildlife such as squirrels or birds nesting in the trees. Bring along binoculars so that you can observe from a distance. Make sure to have backpacks filled with the necessities for a long hike in the woods. Include a first-aid kit, food and bottles of water so that you can hike all day.

Activity 3: Go to the County Fair

Your county will likely have a fair this summer where there are amusement rides, concession stands and displays of garden produce. A child visiting a county fair can see farm equipment, horses and cows. You can walk for several hours from one building to another to enjoy the items that people from around the state have brought to the county fair to win a prize.

Activity 4: Walk along the Beach

Plan a trip to the beach on a sunny day to walk on the sand, collect seashells and swim in the ocean. Make sure to pack the essentials for the day, including sunscreen lotion, nonperishable food and cold beverages. Make the beach a learning experience by bringing along books to look for certain types of sea animals or finding particular types of boats.

Activity 5: Plan a Camping Trip

Summer is the perfect time for a camping trip, and you can use a camper or a tent for your overnight stays. There are parks that permit camping, but make sure to understand the rules that might include bringing in your own fuel for campfires. Planning a camping trip takes some time, but it can help your children to learn more about nature.

Activity 6: Stop at a Museum

On an extremely hot day, you can still have fun by visiting a museum for the day. There are different types of museums, including museums that have paintings or museums that display science exhibits. You can also find aviation museums, historical museums and military museums.

Activity 7: Stargaze In Your Backyard

A cool summer night is the best time to use a telescope in your backyard to look at the stars and the planets. If your home is near to numerous streetlights, then find a field away from the city where you can look at the nighttime sky. Have a book from the public library to help you find the constellations.

Activity 8: Splashing in a Swimming Pool

Children and adults love swimming in a relaxing pool at home, and the custom pools Ft. Worth, Texas families want are available from professional designers. Rather than using a community swimming pool, you can have one of these items customized to fit in your own backyard.

Have Downtime during the Summer

Don't plan all of your summer activities during one week because you and your children will also need some downtime for relaxing after a busy day.