Getting Engaged? Here's How You Can Save Some Money


You are going to ask your significant other to marry you, and you need to find the perfect engagement ring to do that with. Do you know where you are going to go? How many carats it is going to be? Will your future bride care if you buy something less expensive or do you want to impress her? Let’s face it, you do not have a lot of money, but you don’t want to come off as too cheap either. So what would you do in this case? You already know the perfect spot to propose and just need the right ring to do it. There are several places where you could get a very nice engagement ring and not break the bank to pay for it. Plus, if she says yes, you will need to save money for planning the wedding.

The Cubic Zirconia

The Cubic Zirconia is the least expensive alternative to buying a diamond engagement ring. It has lab created diamond value because it looks like it’s counterpart and it can be used in the prettiest of wedding band sets. You can buy this type of ring in a huge size in some cases for under $100 and still impress your future fiancé. No one will know that it’s not a real diamond but you and her. It does not matter because the ring is beautiful and gets the same quality as if it’s a real diamond. She doesn’t care as long as she is with you forever, so a Cubic Zirconia just makes sense. This jewel can come in many colors. So you don’t have to necessarily get her the clear one. If she loves color, then any one you pick would be awesome. To have a piece of jewelry that is durable and gives the diamond fierce competition, you know that you are giving her something incredibly special.

The Ruby

If your future fiancé is into rubies, and you know she would prefer that to a diamond or Cubic Zirconia, consider getting her the perfect one. This gemstone can go from being pink to red bloodstone depending on what you buy. It’s a natural beauty that does not cost a lot, and the quality is determined by how its handle from the cuts on to the carat weight. She is going to love this ring because it’s different from the traditional type of ring used in most engagements. There nothing wrong with going against the grain in this case. From your proposal to your big day, everything is about you and the bridge. So you can choose to propose with a finely cut ruby and get a yes out of her because she’s been waiting for you to pop that question.

Other Jewelry

Do you really need a nice jeweled ring to pop the question? Absolutely not. Some men propose with a pearl ring or can get creative by using any ring that has a jewel in it but it’s not expensive. She knows as a bride that it’s not about the ring. It’s about the two of you spending eternity together. So there is other alternatives case. You can propose with a ring that has yellow gems. These other pieces are really pretty, and you can find them at a cheaper jewel store. You can also get engagement tattoos which are permanent rings that you can have tattooed around your ring finger. It could also be a family jewel that was passed down to you from the women of the family. You can use that to propose to your future bride.

As men, you should think of getting creative where you can pull off that proposal without hurting your wallet for an engagement. There are so many ways to do this. Getting creative will bring you as yes.