Get Your Kids The Nutrients They Need


Parents have a hard time raising kids. So, when you get into things like getting all the nutrients they need it makes it more complicated. It may be harder but kids getting their nutrients is important. Kids getting their nutrients contributes to their growth and their health. Giving them there nutrients isn't always an easy task. The best nutrients are inside of vegetables and vitamins. Kids don't usually like the taste of these. There are ways out of around this that benefit you and your kids.

Make a schedule

Put your kids on an eating schedule. Kids have to eat a certain amount of certain foods to get their nutrients. Your kids being put on a schedule makes sure they eat enough and get their nutrients. You should give them meals filled with these foods instead of junk food during their scheduled eating times. Kids should eat three times a day at least and two snacks. Their eating schedule should include all of these breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. After awhile your kids will get used to this schedule and be coming to you when it's time to eat. Kids eating less than this is unhealthy for a child and will guarantee they won't get the nutrients they need.


An easy way for kids to get their nutrients is through vitamins. For small kids they have gummy vitamins that they love. These vitamins look like gummy bears but have all the nutrients as regular vitamins. Glutathione is good for older kids at the age of 14 years old and up but not younger one. Some of you may ask, what is glutathione? It is a natural substance used to make your immune system stronger like vitamins do. These are both really good things for older and smaller kids to keep their body healthy.

Get them involved

Kids might not always love what you make in the kitchen but they love being there. They love jumping around in the kitchen while you are cooking so why not let them join. Kids getting involved in cooking and helping prepare dinner will get them excited for dinner. Once you and them have finished dinner they will be more than happy to eat their meal. This is a fun creative way to get them to eat foods with nutrients in them. You are getting them the nutrients they need and teaching them how to cook early.

Give them options

Giving them options makes it hard for them to rule out all of the foods they need. Doing this makes them feel like they are getting rid of all the food they don't want and eating only the food they want. If you make all the options foods with nutrients no matter what they pick they will get their nutrients. You should also give them sweet and fun options like sweet fruit or fish sticks. Finger foods and sweets are the number one pick for most kids. Your kids will enjoy these options so much and not even realize they're eating healthy. This will ensure that your child is eating healthy and getting their nutrients.


Getting kids their nutrients can be a fun and easy job. You just have to know how to do it. The options I have listed have been proven to work and your kids will love it! You have to be creative when it comes to getting your kids to eat. As long as they are getting everything they need that's all that matters. These are some definite ways to get your kids their nutrients without a problem.