Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids


Today’s kids are seemingly replacing outdoor activities with indoor ones such as social media, texting, and iPad games. They also seem more involved in studying than kids from past generations. However, studies have revealed that kids that spend more time outside might be healthier and happier than their peers. Outdoor activities are often associated with improved cognitive skills and concentration. The more outdoor activities parents can encourage and facilitate for their little ones, the more emotional and physical gains they can reap. Outdoor activities that involve everyone in a family can be fun. Here are a few creative, fun, cost-effective ways parents can get their kids outside.

Start a Mini Garden

Introducing children to nature can be an excellent way to stimulate their curiosity about their surroundings. Starting a mini garden can give a preschooler or toddler a sense of accomplishment. You can begin with transplanting already grown plants into pots or planting veggies in the ground. Green beans, tomatoes, and basil are often kid-friendly. Checking what your local farmers are growing can also be a fun outdoor activity with a child.

Play Bear

Your toddler will probably enjoy playing the bear. The game can start by setting out three objects such as a toy car, a spade, or a ball before the kid gets under a blanket. Then you or another child can steal one of the items and hide it safely. Wake the kid up once you have taken one of the objects away. Your child’s sleepy head will have to figure out what object is missing. Adding a search for the stolen item can make the activity more fun. However, take turns so that your child can get a chance to become the sneaky bear.

Start Obstacle Courses

Skills such as throwing, kicking, jumping, and running can be essential for the development of a preschooler or toddler. Starting a backyard obstacle course can help kids master these skills. Challenges such as throwing a tennis ball into a bucket, kicking a ball, jumping on and off a step can be ideal for a preschooler. Young toddlers can try an activity such as stepping in and out of a Hula-Hoop. Ask a few neighbors and friends to join you and turn the game into a relay race that can get every kid’s heart jumping.

Make Bubbles

Mixing a solution of bubbles can take the fun to a new level. Start by adding a cup of dishwashing soap to warm water. Then add a few tablespoons of glycerin to make your bubbles super big. Use a hanger wire to create a wand, and then dip it into your concoction. Then teach your kid to lift the rod slowly as they walk backward to make gigantic bubbles. You can experiment with wands made of fly swatters, pipe cleaners, and straws. Monster-sized bubbles can be created by pouring the concoction into a wading pool and dipping a Hula-Hoop into it. Remember kids waders can help protect your child’s foot when they are working with water.

Take a Walk

It could be time to take a walk away from your backyard. Walking can be adventurous, as it can allow kids to choose their route. A walk can start by drawing forward, backward, left, and right arrows on index cards. When you come across a fork along the road, let the child choose the card to determine their next direction. You can decide to play a guessing game as you take turns.

Indoors activities such as video games and social media are seemingly replacing outdoor activities. No matter how useful video gaming can be, they lack the health benefits that are often associated with outdoor activities. Outdoor activities such as taking a walk, growing a mini garden, and creating bubbles can help improve concentration and cognitive skills among kids. The more your child can play bear and create obstacle courses, the more emotionally and physically strong they can become. Outdoor activities can be fun, as they can involve every member of a family.