Fun Family Vacation Destinations


Are you up for a family vacation but having trouble settling on the most suitable destination that will make everyone happy? Well, this post may be helpful to you. We took the time to research and rank the best rated holiday destinations in the world to make your selection easier. The destinations have one thing in common: they provide families with so much fun and adventure. Check out the list:

1. Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach offers a lot of fun for party crowds and kids. This popular holiday destination boasts of the most beautiful tropical beach in the United States. Your kids will definitely have limitless fun while playing in the pristine white sand. The two must-see attractions include the iconic Indoors Palace and the Children's Museum. You can also take your family to Ritz-Carlon Bal Harbor, which is arguably one of the best kid's beach clubs in America. The club has direct beach access and is located between two public parks. A vacation in Miami Beach will not be complete without an transtlantic cruise trip across the blue ocean waters. Such a trip will leave a lasting memorable experience in your kid’s minds.

2. Millennium Park

If you fancy a fantastic green holiday destination, then Millennium Park should be at the top of your list. The park, which features an iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, offers so much fun that will make your holiday vacation such a great success. You can join in on fun activities such as family yoga, hiking and biking. If you settle on this place as your holiday destination, then you won't have any trouble with accommodation. You can book your family a room in either Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel or the Swissotel Chicago, which is located on the Riverwalk just within three blocks from the Millennium Park.

3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This popular family vacation destination is home to Grand Tenton National park, one of the world's most popular parks. The park is literally packed with tourists all year round. Jackson Hole is also known for its world-class ski resort. It boasts of so many outdoor activities that make choosing one, such a daunting task. You can encourage your family to raft the scenic Snake River or tube down the runs at Snow King Resort. You can also schedule for a skating and exploration time at the magical Ice Castle in Tenton Village. While you are vacationing in this iconic place, you can set up your family to stay at Hotel Terra Jackson Hole OR Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa. The two hotels are within walking distance of chairlifts. Besides, the two hotels provide ski packages during wintertime and national park packages during the summer.

4. Riviera Maya

If snorkeling in freshwater and swimming with manatee is your thing, then Riviera Maya should be your destination as well. This fantastic holiday destination offers so many fun activities for you and your kids. Your kids can splash and play with sea lions, dolphins, and manatee. You can also explore the clifftop ruins in Tulum, where you will enjoy such memorable scenes. Besides, a visit to the iconic Chichen Itza is all you need to put a lasting cheer on your kid's faces. If you prefer spending quality fun time at the beach, then you should check out Aloha Paddle Club's water sport rentals located in Playa del Carmen. You can also take a ferry to nearby Cozumel if you prefer a tranquil location. You will find adequate accommodation at Panama Jacks Resort, Barcelo Maya Grand Resort, or Allegro Playacar.

4. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas

Your kids definitely love dinosaur stories. What better place to take than Dinosaur valley state park, Texas. The park, which is located 75 miles from Dallas, boasts of the most preserved dinosaur tracks in the entire world. Your family will enjoy taking a walk in the humongous footprints left so many years ago on the Paluxy River bed. You can also take a covered wagon tour or bike on the mountain bike trails.

The destinations discussed above are world-famous for their natural attractions, which attract millions of locals and tourists each year. In case you are searching for a great destination to visit that promises so much fun and adventure during your next vacation, then pick one of the destinations on this list.