Fun DIY Projects for Kids and Families


Bring Your Family Together With These DIYs

Spending time with family is not only amusing but a time for the entire family to bond together through shared activities. Engaging in family activities can help your children learn how to build stronger relationships with the people around them as well as learn how to interact positively with others. We can’t be with our children all hours of the day, but by putting in the effort to sit down with your family as a group and complete an activity together you can create a stronger bond. Here are a couple family activities that will fill your family time with fun and memories for years to come.

Family Fun in the Sun

Summertime is a great time to get your family outside to enjoy the great outdoors. There are a lot of family activities. For example, you can do everything pitching a tent, connecting to wifi and having a movie night outside to having a bonfire around a fire pit and roast some marshmallows. Another cool activity for younger children to do in nature would be to create craft bugs. This activity works by taking your child outdoors to grab some items they find in nature like leaves, sticks, flowers and create cool pictures of bugs. All you need is modge podge to coat the picture and you’ll have a beautiful picture to add to the fridge.

Cardboard Craziness

Cardboard is inexpensive and always just seems to be lying around the house but there are many activities you can do with it. Cardboard tv is a fun game you can play with your family that involves getting a leftover amazon box, cutting a huge square sized hole out and drawing on a tv. You can help your child or children produce shows and when the show is over you can put away the box for the next playtime. Another game you can play with cardboard is a paper plane game. You use the cardboard to make targets and the whole family takes turns trying to aim at the target, whoever gets the most points wins.

Fun With Fleece

There are a lot of fun fleece fabric activities you can do during the summer with your family. One popular game to play with the fabric is a memory game. For this game you will need 20 8cm squares of fet, 10 different colored fabrics, interfacing, and either scissors or a rotary cutter. On one side of the fleece you’ll put the colorful fleece and the other will be blank. This game is perfect for small children to practice learning their shapes, colors and also helps with concentration. With left over fleece you and your family can also make some homemade gifts for loved ones such as scarves or bags.

Jump Into Hopscotch

For this activity the family can all come together to make the ultimate hopscotch board. This board can be either made in the house with fabric or outside on the sidewalk or driveway. Every family member can get a chance to get thru the board and can also cheer on the others when its not their turn. This activity can help create a positive relationship between family members.

When you take the time out to spend quality time with your family not only can you help to create a better bond with the individuals in your household. You can also teach your child or children how to positively interact and create better relationships with people outside of the home as well. Take time out to put away your phone or step away from the computer and you will be able to see what a huge difference in your family dynamic.