Fun Activities Your Kids Can Do In Your Garage

Kevin Gardner

With Christmas just around the corner, you may need a few hours for gift wrapping and stocking stuffing. Rather than leaving home, you can still be in the home and keep the kids occupied while they play in the garage. Of course, make sure that there is always someone with them to supervise. There are a lot of games that they, and another responsible adult, can play in the garage so that you can take the time that you need to prepare for the holidays in the comfort of your home.

1. Build a Fort

This one is easy, simple, and will keep them occupied for as long as you need. Best of all, you just need a few materials that you probably already have lying around at home. Supply them with plenty of pillows, blankets, cardboard boxes, and anything else that they might request for building their fort. Then, will the aid of a responsible adult, let the kids have fun with the building. If they’re not sure what to make at first, give them some images of forts that they might want to aspire to create. Once the fort is made, they can either make up their own games to go along with the fort, or you can supply a laptop or another electronic device that will allow the kids to sit content on the blankets until you’re done wrapping the presents.

2. Hide and Seek

Before starting the game of hide and seek, make sure that you have someone who is watching the entire time. You want them to make sure that they know where each child is hiding and that each hiding spot is safe for them to be in. Set out a bunch of different boxes, blankets, and other things that would make for a good maze of hiding spots. Then let the kids have fun, and they play hide and seek.

3. Splatter Painting

For this activity, you might want to take care that your precious Scion TC is out of the garage because it could get a little messy. Next, unroll some paper bags to make a flat canvas. You could also tape together multiple sheets of paper, or splurge and buy a canvas for them to do it on. You will also need acrylic paint for them to splatter. Give each child some latex gloves and set the paint out in front of them with the paper on the floor. Cover the ground below the paper with plastic or newspaper so that you don’t have to worry about the paint splattering onto the floor of the garage. After you have everything set up with each child and their own paper, let them spatter away. You can give them as many different canvases as they want to paint. The activity should give you plenty of time to finish up the things that you need to get done.

4. Corn Hole

Corn hole is a classic fair game that can keep people busy for hours at a time. And it’s perfect for young children. You will need a corn hole board, but they’re easy to make from just a few planks of plywood. You’ll need at least three round holes in the board and then prop it up. You can let your kids paint the board with their own designs. Give them some bean bags and let them have fun at the game. The adult supervisor of the game can make tricks and changes to the game as they see fit to make sure that the kids stay entertained by the activity for as long as you need. If all else fails, start teaching them to juggle with the bean bags.

Creating simple games for your children to play in the garage is easy and cheap. Most games you make with products that you already have lying around the house. You’ll have all the time that you need.