Four Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy as a Family

Loretta Jane

Fall is a time for making apple cider doughnuts, for carving pumpkins and for taking the kids out to go trick-or-treating. It’s one of the last opportunities you’ll have to explore the natural world on nature walks and to appreciate all of the fall harvest activities. These activities are made all the more fun when you can share them as a family. If you’re searching for fun things to do this fall with your kids, here are a couple of ideas. Each of them allows you and yours to enjoy some unique aspect of the fall season.

Fall Sensory Bin

Who knew a bit of popcorn, a few faux leaves and some measuring cups could be so much fun and so educational? It turns out that this concoction is just that: fun and educational.

To make a fall sensory bin you need some unpopped popcorn, a large shallow plastic bin, some measuring cups and spoons and a variety of fake leaves.

You can get acrylic and silk leaves at the dollar store or the craft store in the flower section. You can make or buy felt leaves. Be sure to choose materials of different colors like red, brown, yellow and green to mimic the colors of fall. Dump the unpopped popcorn into the bin along with your fake leaves.

Once the sensory bin is done, the kids can play in it and learn something in the process. When the kids scoop the leaves and the popcorn up in the measuring cups/ spoons, they are learning basic math, like how many half cup scoops equal a whole cup. The addition of popcorn plus the leaves of different materials provides a sensory experience as well.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or a Corn Maze

It seems like just about every town has either a pumpkin patch or a corn maze that families can visit as the fall colors begin to explode everywhere. Visits to these destination teach kids about the cycle of growth; more specifically, these visits teach your family about harvest season. Depending on where you go, your trip may also include an opportunity to wander through a corn maze or to visit with animals in a petting zoo.

Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

The little birds who are whiling away the winter in your neck of the woods will appreciate having a healthy snack care of some pinecone bird feeders in your backyard. During the warmer months, birds can eat insects to get the right amount of protein and fat into their systems. However, in the late fall through the winter, it’s a different story.

To get your kids involved in this sweet fall event have them gather up some big pine cones. Once they have enough pinecones to make a couple of bird feeders, help them tie some string or twine around the pinecone so that when the bird feeder is done you can hang it up.

Next, mix up one-half cup of peanut butter with one-half cup of oatmeal or cornmeal. Set this aside. Once this part is done, then dump some bird seeds into a pie tin.

Using a spoon, smear peanut butter mixture onto the pinecones. After the pinecones are covered in the peanut butter roll the pinecones into the birdseed mixture until the pinecones are covered. Hang the bird feeders up in the trees in your yard once the project is done.

Turn Your House Into a Haunted House

Ghouls and ghosties and things that go bump in the night are all part of the fun of the fall season, and while many families include a trip to a haunted house as a part of their fall fun, the braves families create one of their own. The good news is this type of festivity doesn’t have to cost a lot to be fun.

Most of the time, you can get Halloween decorations and haunted house elements at the dollar store. That means you can find creepy spiders, scary masks, witch-y candles and a bat or two to decorate your home.

Light up your yard with solar-powered Halloween-themed lights. You can find small Halloween-themed lights at the dollar store; stick these into the ground along your sidewalk to light the way. Carved Jack-o-lanterns make a fun alternative for the solar-powered mini-lanterns.

For larger lights and motion-sensor spookies, plug into your home’s electric supply. If you’re concerned about the amount of power you’ll use for this venture, look into alternative energy options like Virginia Solar panels or solar-powered lights.​

Fun fall activities give you and your family the chance to enjoy the unique spirit of the season. Fortunately, these activities can be as inexpensive as they are fun. Most of the time, you can get the supplies at the dollar store or even outside in your own backyard.