Five Easy Steps to Organize Your Entire Garage

Kevin Gardner

It's totally possible to get organized by the holidays, and it doesn't have to break your back either. If you need, want or have been putting off organizing your garage, you can relax because there is an easy way to do it with five steps.

1. Reduce Your Clutter

It can seem weird to start with reducing what's in your garage, but it's necessary to sort out what to do with whatever's remaining. It doesn't make sense to designate a spot for something that you ultimately won't keep. Go through everything you have, and decide on whether you'll keep it. Some things, you may be uncertain about. It's wise to keep them until you're sure you don't want or need them. Also, you need to consider storing some items in storage. For instance, outdoor boat storage can help you to free up extra space and keep your boat free from damage.

2. Decide Where Everything Will Go

You know your garage and everything in it better than anyone else, so you will need to devote a special place for all of your things. After you have gotten rid of things you don't want or need and have taken things to storage, you can begin deciding where things will go. Go by sections because it'll make everything easier in the process. It can help to make an inventory of what you have to get an idea of how much space you'll need to store it all. Mentally prepare for each section by estimating how much space it'll take up. For instance, nuts, bolts and other small objects can be stored in jars that are affixed to 2x4's. You could devote three feet by five feet for keeping these items, depending on how much space you needed. Decide on your other items in a similar way.

3. Move Everything

You need to move everything around according to the area it'll be in. If you have a lot of things that need moving, it's best to clear out your entire garage and start from there. Loosely make piles unless you have heavy or larger items that should not be on other items, but you want to keep everything away from the walls. You don't want to leave your things unattended in your driveway either. Ensure that you can put your things in the right area because you're going to need to make a few trips to the store.

4. Organize

This is the fun part. You can store your items in any way imaginable. However, if you're going to frequently use items, make sure they're kept within reach. Store items you don't use much in high up places. For instance, your Halloween and Christmas decorations can be stored in the rafters. You can use pegboards for tools, shelves, bins, cabinets, jars and other methods of storage.

5. Clean-Up

Cleaning up can be a fun part of the process too. Dust everything off with a duster to allow debris to drop to the garage floor. By now, you have freed up a lot of floor space, which means you can clean your garage floor in a few ways. If you don't have anything on the garage floor and your surfaces are generally waterproof, you can spray off your floor with a hose. If you have some oily spots, you can clean them with dish soap or powder laundry detergent. Apply a small amount of water and soap, and brush through grime with a broom. Give a final spray to rinse it clean. If you have things that you don't want to be damaged by water, you can sweep out your garage first. To clean up difficult spots, use the same steps suggested above. However, you will need to use a rag to clean up the soap. From here, you can use a mop to clean your garage floor.

After you have finished everything, it's advisable to keep everything clean. Go trough your garage weekly to make sure everything is kept in its proper place and that the floor is free of debris.