Everything Your Kid Needs for Back to School


With the upcoming school year, it's time to have those last days of summer fun. Watch all the movies you can, go to the park, and get in extra roller skating. It's time to prepare for going back to school. Outlined below is your personal checklist.

1. Doctor and Dentist

You'll want to take your child in to get a wellness visit and see if there are any immunizations that need to be done. During a wellness visit, your child's eyes, reflexes and weight will be checked. You'll also want to get your child's teeth checked if it's been six months since their last visit. For your kids may need braces, check out the cheapest teeth aligners are a cost-friendly way to keep your kids’ teeth in shape. Try to do this some days before school starts, in case your child needs a filling or other work done. Keep current printouts to show the school. They'll want a record for immunizations and possibly dental work, depending upon your school district.

2. Supplies

You don't want to go all out on supplies because you could end up with supplies you don't need, but you want to get the basics. Depending upon your child's age, you'll probably need a basic calculator unless they're taking advanced math. They'll need notebook paper, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, a couple of erasers, highlighters and a pencil case. Beyond these supplies, it's generally a good idea to find out from your child's class if they'll need any other class-specific items.

3. Lunch Bags and Backpacks

During the 80's, lunch boxes and the food inside them got hot. Thankfully, we have lunch bags that are insulated and help to keep food cool and fresh. Depending upon your child's dietary needs and the school's lunch requirements, you'll want to make sure your child is prepared. You can use bags or containers for sandwiches. Some lunch bags come with thermoses for drinks or soup. Many juice box manufacturers have drinks with less sugar, and you can find healthy lunch options like fruit cups, applesauce or raisins. Some lunch bags have clips to attach to backpacks, but you can buy one separately. Some kids don't have to carry a lot of items back and forth to school, which makes a small backpack a smart option to carry school supplies or lunch money.

4. Clothing

If your child needs to wear a school uniform, a few stores should be able to get you everything you need, which will most likely include cardigans. However, you'll probably need scarves, hats or earmuffs if you live in a particularly cold climate during the fall and winter months. If your kid doesn't wear a uniform, you need to consider pants, skirts, shirts and sweaters. Aim to get between seven and eight tops and bottoms that can be paired differently. This will help you to do laundry once a week. You'll also need socks, a jacket and underwear. It’s also a good idea when clothes shopping to check up on glasses and contact needs. Whether they need a new pair of glasses or ContactLensesPlus' Colored Lenses, it’s a good idea to get them ahead of time rather than mid semester.

5. Shoes

Shoes are in a separate category because they take a long time to choose. There are so many options. Not only do you need to know your kid's shoe size, but you need to consider whether they have narrow, normal or wide feet. You need to take into account whether they need arch support. After you know these three things, start thinking of what the shoes will be used for. Some kids need additional shoes for physical education while others need to walk in the snow to get to the bus.

6. Wellness Supplies

Going back to school means more falls, germs and illnesses. You'll always want to keep a supply of peroxide, band-aids, rubbing alcohol and ointment on hand, but you need to consider keeping tissue in stock. You'll want to have your bases covered with medicine too. Stock up on ibuprofen and acetaminophen for fevers, aches, pain and swelling. Allergy medicine can help with asthma flare-ups and coughing spells at night. Multi-symptom cold medicine helps a great deal too. Encourage your kids to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer at school.

While you want to be prepared for school, be sure to be prepared for the days your child will be off from school during the holidays and on days you experience rough weather. Enjoy every day, no matter what you're doing or what comes.