Everyday Wonders in Your Kitchen Essentials That You Need

Loretta Jane

Our kitchens are filled with incredible wonders that we may not even be aware of so we aren’t able to use them to the maximum potential. You may be unaware but many of the products we stock in our kitchens have other purposes. Many of these have the opportunity to improve our lives in ways that we had never considered. Consider how these five kitchen essentials can change your life in ways you could have never imagined.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its delicious taste profile that perfectly complements meats, salads and even bread; however, the uses of olive oil are truly endless. What many may not realize is that this amazing product can serve as a natural lubricant. If you have a terribly squeaky door, consider loosening it up with some of this natural remedy and enjoy the silence of your swinging door. Not only can this be used for pesky hinges, but it is also a natural remedy for many issues on your body, face and hair. Whether you use it as a base in hair masks to moisturize your mane or include it with warm water to remove your makeup, olive oil has many uses. While some variations of high-quality oil can be expensive, you can save quite a lot of money with coupons like gundry md olive oil coupon.


Oatmeal is often considered as a wonderful additive to breakfast bars and cookies for texture and taste, but there are many other uses for it. Oatmeal is another food product that can be repurposed for your health and wellness. Consider adding it to your facemask mixture to include a natural exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on your skin. Not only does this have an exfoliating property, but you can also use it to soothe itch as it can offer a calming quality. If you still have some leftover, consider using it for arts and crafts with kids, as it can be the perfect addition to your craft supplies.


Many tools in the home are used for one particular use only; however, blenders have so much more utility than just smoothies. You can use your blender to mix up smoothies, soups, different kinds of nut butter and pesto sauces. These delicious additions to any tired recipe can spice it up and create the wow factor that you are looking for to invigorate your diet. If it’s been a particularly hard day, consider blending yourself up a cocktail and mixing up a mask for yourself for some true relaxation.

Knives and Knife Sharpener

While many people find themselves fighting with old knives, using a great deal of pressure to cut through food, this is incredibly dangerous. Every single household needs to equip themselves with a good knife set. A proper set will likely be well sharpened and to some, this can be a terrifying thought due to potential injury; however, this is counterintuitive. If your knives are too dull, you are actually more likely to make a mistake and injure yourself. Avoid this by purchasing a good set of knives and keep them in good shape by sharpening them often and correctly.

Cast Iron Skillet

Every kitchen should have a cast iron pan in their home. Although heavier duty, this can often be thought of as just another pan; however, while this can serve in a singular preparatory role, the variety of preparation is endless. These types of pans can be used to sear a steak, bake a skillet or even create a cobbler.

We have some incredibly versatile and amazing items right under our noses and not even know it. While we may think of these items as having only one use, the reality is that many of our kitchen essentials often have many uses or abilities that may surprise us. By understanding what kitchen essentials we truly need and the full extent of their use, we can enjoy the most versatile home experience we ever imagined.