Escape the Cold this Winter by Visiting One of These Warm Weather Destinations

Kevin Gardner

If you need a break from shoveling snow out of your driveway and are ready to immerse yourself in a warm climate that doesn’t require a puffy coat, then it’s time to consider a warm-weather getaway. Here are three places to escape the cold this winter break.

Costa Rica

A vibrant rainforest, white sandy beaches and incredible wildlife await you in Costa Rica. This warm-weather getaway has beaches that border both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It also features a laid-back local culture that will inspire you to relax and enjoy the scenery. In Costa Rica, all-inclusive beach resorts are plentiful. Choosing one decreases your stress levels even more since many include food, drinks and activities for one price.

If you want a warm-weather getaway that offers adventure, then look into the destination’s wilderness lodges. These are located deep within the rainforest, which means that you will probably have to do without internet service, room service and electricity. This makes them places where you can disconnect from your everyday life and focus on recharging your emotional well-being. Besides, it’s unlikely that you’ll miss your email when you’re staying among sloths, toucans and squirrel monkeys.

Along with taking long hikes to spot the destination’s wildlife, in Costa Rica, you can rappel down a waterfall or just lay in the warm sun on a beach. The winter months are Costa Rica’s dry season, making winter the perfect time to visit.

St. George, Utah

While most of Utah is bathed in cold weather during the winter, there is a spot in the state that enjoys warm weather year-round, which is St. George. Visit the destination to hike through Zion National Park. This amazing natural wonderland features challenging hikes to waterfalls and easier strolls to view picturesque mountain ridges and ponds. The scenery in Zion is unsurpassed. Just below the park is a small town with several delicious restaurants and souvenir shops. Head to Oscar’s Café for tasty Mexican food or Café Soleil for a yummy deli sandwich. The town’s souvenir shops sell rocks, T-shirts and hiking shoes.

Along with the hiking, St. George is a place where you can golf year-round. The Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, SunRiver Golf Club and Green Spring Golf Course are just a few in the area. You can rent an ATV and go play in the destination’s sand dunes or visit one of the area’s spas for a little pampering. Travel to St. George when the cold weather has you feeling down.


Mexico is a country with a sunny climate and numerous beach resorts. Not only will you have the chance to relax in the sun when visiting Mexico, but you’ll also have access to adventure. If you go to Cancun, consider booking an expedition to swim with the whale sharks. Hanging out with these huge, gentle creatures is sure to help you recenter your soul. Tour operators arrange for guided boats to take visitors to the areas where these enormous sharks like to swim. Many of the tours feature experts who will happily share information about them with you. They may also offer drinks and snacks. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera along with you.

To do something a little different in Mexico, take a cable car trip into the mountains. The city of Zacatecas is a host for stunning cable car expeditions. Book a trip with a tour guide to learn more about the sights, architectural landmarks and the area. While visiting, you’ll have the chance to take pics of ancient statues and churches. You can also tour a local museum that exhibits artifacts from the Mexican Revolution.

The Benefits of Visiting a Warm-Weather Getaway

The cold weather months can drag on. When they do, consider visiting a warm-weather getaway. Along with giving you the chance to spend time outdoors without a jacket or a coat, a sunny destination can help you recharge. Upon returning home, you can once again enjoy your everyday life.