Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids About Going Green

Loretta Jane

As a parent, you likely feel that raising responsible, independent children is your greatest job in life. Instilling certain principles in your child is certainly important, and among those are teaching your child to have a love for the environment and taking care of our earth. There are a few easy ways to teach your child about going green, including modeling this behavior in your own life and letting them participate in projects that allow them to make a difference for the environment. You do not have to plan any fancy encounters to teach your children this principle; there are opportunities around you each and every day.

Use Reusables When Possible

Children are like sponges; they soak up whatever their parents are doing. One of the best ways to teach your child about going green is to show it to them in action. One of the most noticeable and easiest ways to go green is to use reusable items whenever possible. This includes not using single-use plastic like water bottles and plastic shopping bags. Let your child see you using reusable cups and produce bags and they will soon associate that as the normal way to do things. They will likely adapt this behavior and may not even realize the positive impact they are making on the environment as a whole. Let them know that you appreciate them using reusable items and explain to them how it helps keep the earth clean.

Engage Them in a Recycling Program

Many kids love a hands-on activity where they feel they are making a difference in the world around them. You can give them the important job of helping you implement a recycling program in your home or community. Allow them to learn about what materials are recyclable and how the recycling process works. You never know, they may become very passionate about the project and take it to new levels. You can easily set up recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass in your own home with minimal materials or time.

Let Them Pick up Litter as a Service Project

Community service is an important part of a child's life. Children must learn that it is good to serve others and will soon realize that they often feel fulfilled in the process. Picking up litter in a local park or on the side of your street can be an easy service project that the whole family can participate in. It can also open up an important conversation about why it is so important not to litter and how it can be detrimental to the environment. Perhaps your children's initiative will inspire others in the neighborhood to take up this important task as well.

Teach Them About Sustainable Energy

If you want to take the going green lesson a step further, you can teach your children about sustainable energy. You can point out windmills in a field and solar panels on a roof. You may even install solar panels in your own home, opening up the conversation about how do solar panels work. You can talk to your children about the difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy resources; an easy example of this is gasoline versus electric cars. There are plenty of educational videos about energy sources that you can share with your child at any learning level.

Cultivating a love of nature and the environment in your child is a worthy endeavor. There are so many easy ways to point out ways to go green in your life every day. Develop a sense of responsibility for the earth's care in your children, and they will grow up to be good stewards of the world we have been given. It does not have to take much time to begin your first lesson with your child; begin brainstorming ways to go green so that your family can be an example of environmental responsibility to others.