Easy Tips To Help Your Little Ones Stay Hydrated and Happy


People of all ages need to make sure that they drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. Of course, it is easier for some groups of people than others. Children, for example, don’t usually think to drink water when they are thirsty. With so many other tantalizing and sugary beverage choices, water often falls to the wayside. As a parent, you might be wondering how you can encourage the right hydration habits with your own children. Though it might seem like a chore, there are a few easy ways to find success with this goal.

Establishing the right patterns early is a good way of helping your children be as healthy as they can into their adult years. Look over these tips and learn more about how you can encourage your little ones to drink enough water each day.

Carry Water Wherever You Go

Adults need to drink about eight glasses of water each day to be adequately hydrated, according to health experts. For children, the numbers are slightly different. Toddler should have about two cups per day, whereas children between the ages of four and eight need to drink about five cups on a daily basis. Once a child reaches the age of nine and until the start of puberty around 13, about 8 cups are essential for a child. Though providing water is easy when you’re home with your kids, being out and about can create challenges.

When you’re on vacation, at the park, or simply running errands, you might not be able to guarantee that there will be water to give your little ones when they’re thirsty. Thankfully, thinking ahead can make all the difference. Pack a few bottles of water in your bag before heading out the door. If possible, bring a cooler. This is great for longer trips and provides a more refreshing sensation. Reusable bottles are also a good call, as plastic bottles of water contribute to a good amount of waste.

Consider the Water Quality at Home

You don’t only need to think about how often your children are drinking water, you also need to think about the water they are consuming. Plenty of people don’t have an inkling about where the water that flows through their homes is sourced from. While local regulations dictate that water must be clean and drinkable, there are plenty of lingering minerals from plumbing that you may not want your kids to ingest. There are a few ways around this. For some parents, the solution is buying a filter that can keep the water pure.

Other households will switch to a better system of water treatment. Opting for whole house water treatment systems may be to your advantage. If you want to make sure your kids are drinking enough water each day, then you need to provide the best and most appealing water you can. Look into your options with a treatment system and see if this is a good switch for your home. Your entire family will benefit from the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable way of treating your household’s water.

Extra Water for Physical Activity

When your child is engaged with sports or other physical activities, you need to make sure he or she is drinking extra water. In fact, you want to time out the water so that your little one is always hydrated while at play. A glass of water before exerting energy and a glass of water after finishing is a great way to keep the body in top shape. On particularly hot days, you may need additional water in order to replenish any water lost from the heat.

Getting kids to drink water is far from an easy task. Kids like to drink what tastes good and water is rarely the first pick. In order for you to see success, you need to think about approaching the job from a few different angles. Establish the right patterns early and eventually your kids will be reaching for a pitcher of water without your encouragement.