Don’t Let the Cold Keep You Down! Here Are 10 Fun Things To Do Inside


When it’s too cold to go outside, and the weather is keeping you and your children indoors, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the noise, confusion, and frustration that is building in your children as their energy begins to grow. Instead of having your children explode in negative ways, why not follow these 10 tips that can create some fun things to do when the cold keeps you inside with your children.

Bake Cookies

Children love cookies, but they also enjoy the creative process that making cookies requires. Have a child stir, mix, and add ingredients. You may be surprised at the laughter that fills the room as flour flies into the air or gets onto their little noses.

Stair Slides

If your children are full of energy, give them a cardboard box and let them slide down the stairs. Just stand back and enjoy the giggles as they run up and slide down the stairs on their backsides.

Book Time

Most children love to cuddle, so why not take the time to enjoy reading books with your little ones in front of your ventless gas logs fireplace. You can either have your children take turns reading to you or read to them because it is all about the cuddling, not the books.

Play Cards

In this high-tech world, many children do not know the simple pleasure that can come from a game of cards such as “Old Maid” or “War.” Why not take a couple of hours to play the wonderful old game that is new to them? They may even get good enough to win a few games.

Activity Time

Music, singing, and dance are always a favorite pastime of children, and that is why some of their favorite songs when they are very young involve hand actions or body movements. Join in with the dancing, or play “Simon Says,” and “Hide and Seek.” You can even spend time stretching with them to the music – they will love it.

Movie Fun

Pop some popcorn and make watching a movie a special event, or you can let the children take turns choosing if you are viewing episodes of their favorite shows instead of a move. Either way the kids will love the special time with you.

Fashion Show

Nothing says fun for a child as much as a fashion show because kids love to dress up in new costumes. If you have a box of clothing stored, Halloween costumes, or anything else too big for their little bodies, let them take turns trying on the clothes and parade around in front of you.

Indoor Picnic

Instead of the standard lunch at the table, why not take the time to have an indoor picnic in the middle of the room! Spread out a large blanket, bring out the paper plates, and watch the kids enjoy the best picnic ever.

Stop Motion

When you were young, you probably played a freeze motion game around chairs to win cupcakes. Why not try the same activity at home, but instead of around chairs, you can freeze movements of dance as you turn the music on and off. For added excitement, let the children control the stop motion, but don’t be surprised if there is more stop than motion when your child is in charge.

Balloon Toss

Balloons are always fun for kids of almost any age, but when you give the children permission to toss the balloons, throw them into the air, or hit them back and forth with their little fists, your children will be delighted beyond words! You can also let the wee ones try and pop the balloons by sitting on them after the balloon toss activity is done.

A day home with your little ones can be a fun-filled activity time. There is so much to do that it may be difficult to fit all the activities into just one day.