Don't Feel Alone Through the Adoption Process


Finding out you are pregnant when you were not intending to become pregnant is typically a scary and lonely place to be. Regardless of what support you may or may not have within your social networks, finding support from caring professionals who are skilled and resourced in helping women and men who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy is critical. Here are different ways you deserve to be supported as you prepare for the adoption of your baby.

Non-Judgmental Listening

Part of going through any difficult or challenging event in life is having a safe, supportive and non-judgmental person who can listen to your story and show great care and compassion for you as you deal with this unexpected and life-changing situation. There are many safe and supportive professionals within caring organizations who want to help you by listening to your story and understanding your emotions. There are many different places with access to kind, caring and non-judgmental people 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These same professionals are here to help you make the next steps if you give a baby up for adoption. Even if you are considering different options for your baby, having a safe and supportive person who goes through these situations frequently with people is helpful.

Access to Basic Needs

Often times when a pregnancy is unplanned, there can be fears about ensuring your basic needs can be met to keep your baby safe and healthy throughout its time in utero. There are numerous basic needs to consider such as safe and consistent housing, access to nutritious meals and foods, a maternity wardrobe, access to prenatal care and vitamins, ongoing medical care should any complications arise during pregnancy and legal counsel. If you are without any or all of these basic needs for you and your unborn baby, there are community resources available to help you. Many agencies who work with mothers with unplanned pregnancies are ready and able to help with all of the basic needs immediately and in a respectful way.

Professional Counseling

While having a safe, supportive and non-judgmental person to listen is important, for some women also having access to therapy and counseling will be critical. Finding yourself in a position of an unplanned pregnancy leaves you emotionally and mentally stressed and often times mental health needs arise. Finding and connecting to a mental health professional is another important piece for many women and men who are going through an unplanned pregnancy. This professional counselor or therapist can be so helpful in processing at critical points before and during the adoption process as well. Finding someone who you connect with on a basic level chemistry-wise is critical and then looking for someone who has experience helping people walk through the adoption process is also necessary.

Support Groups

Another often overlooked source of support are support groups aimed at women or men who experience an unplanned pregnancy and/or specifically are looking to move to adoption for their baby. While others outside of the situation can provide empathy and non-judgmental listening, there is a piece of comfort and solidarity that comes from meeting with those who are in your exact same position. Finding and attending a local support group will allow you time and access to other people who are in your shoes. There is a hope that through such a group you may even find a life-long friendship or support person as you move through similar experiences.

While no one wakes up and desires to have an unplanned pregnancy, there is hope, emotional support and tangible support for any person who finds themselves in a situation of an unplanned pregnancy. When there are plans to move toward an adoption for the baby, there is an added need for additional support for the mother, father, and potentially other family members as they make the difficult decision to give their baby up for adoption.