Dogs and Family Dynamics, Better Together


Family Dynamics

Family dynamics are the interaction between family members as well as varying relationships that exist within extended members. It can be influenced by many factors, including the number of children, family cultures, values, experiences and number of extended family members. Pets are included as family members and can have a positive effect on family dynamics.

This article discusses the many roles family members can play in families. There are many challenges involved in today's families compared to years ago. The presence of stepmothers, stepfathers and step siblings can make family dynamics take a different path. Adopting a dog into your family, however many new members it acquires, can have numerous benefits to the structure of your family relationships and draw your family closer during what may be a stressful time.

Benefits to Adding a Dog to Your Family

A dog is a family pet, which means all family members must be involved in the care and responsibility involved in owning a pet. Care must be coordinated as far as exercise, feeding, bathing and cleaning up after a dog. Interaction of family members is required which draws family members closer together. Pets can increase bonds by family members sharing a common point of affection. Pets can provide comfort and affection and also teach responsibility, respect and kindness, especially to the younger members of the family.

In fact, in this study, a paper published in PMC, it is concluded that children interacting with dogs can have a positive impact on how they interact with other family members and friends. It showed that children with a strong relationship with a dog has a stronger chance of showing continuity and adjustment in relationships and challenges.

More research and many studies show that people with pets are healthier than those without. One benefit is by keeping people more physically active than they might be otherwise. Pets can initiate many activities that families can do together. Whether they choose to go for a walk, play in a park or take the dog on other outings together, families with a dog tend to spend more time together doing physical activities and be closer emotionally than those without.

Sometimes family members can be stuck in a rut or placed in a certain role in a family and adding a dog can change everyone's role. The dog does not care if you are the serious one, or the jokester, or being lazy with chores or homework. Everyone is equal in the dog's mind and they are just glad to see family members come home, feed them and show affection to them.

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

A dog's needs are fairly simple to keep them happy and healthy. They really only need food, water, exercise, discipline, affection and socialization. A dog is a great conversation starter and people tend to be viewed as more approachable if they have a dog.

When your dog is negatively impacted by either physical or mental health, this can negatively impact family dynamics. CBD oil for dogs can treat everything from stress and anxiety caused by behavior issues to pain and nausea caused by health problems. Having a calm, content pet can definitely benefit the family dynamics in a positive way. Information on treating your dog with CBD oil can be found in this article. A vet's advice is recommended for dosing information and where to purchase quality cbd oil.

In a Medical News Today article, it discusses many benefits dogs give their families. Owning a dog greatly reduces stress and depression, reduces the risk of heart disease and decreases the chance of premature death by one-third. The benefits are even spread to babies born to pet owners in that those babies experienced a reduction in eczema and asthma in their childhood years. Also, when people interact with dogs, their oxytocin level will rise. Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness. It is a natural antidepressant and responsible for feelings of bonding with others.

If you are considering adopting a dog, consider all the benefits not just to yourself but for your entire family. You will find not only yourself happier, healthier and well-adjusted, but also the entire family.