Career Paths to Consider for Your Kids Based on Their Talents


Every parent wants only the best for their children, both in their child's youth throughout their adulthood. One way to help children get the most out of their lives is to make sure to prepare them for adulthood earlier and to always keep their future in mind. Thinking of perfect careers for your children based on their talents and hobbies is one way to help them prepare for their futures.

Software Engineer

Many children love playing videogames and using computers at school. While some parents may find this to be a nuisance, it can actually be turned into a profitable career. Software engineering matches up well with this hobby and talent.

How does one become a software engineer? A college degree is usually required in order to get a job in this field. In college, students would do well to attend a software engineering program. This program or similar degrees (like computer science) often take four years to complete, like the average college Bachelor's degree.


Does your child have an interest in science and love animals? If so, becoming a veterinarian could be the perfect career choice for him or her. This career choice is not only great for those who love their pets, but also for children who grew up on farms and worked with animals on a regular basis.

To become a veterinarian, students must attend four years of college to receive a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Studying for this will require gaining a vast knowledge of both science and medicine, just as studying to become a human doctor would. Once a student earns their degree, they also need to apply for a license in their state before they can open a practice or work for a clinic.


Cooking and baking are common hobbies, as well as important life skills to have. While some people may assume these are hobbies for girls, there is really no need for such a practical skill to be gendered. With enough practice, and often with guidance from parents, any child and learn how to work wonders in the kitchen.

While there is no college requirement needed to work in an average kitchen or restaurant, students may want to attend culinary school if they wish to work for a high-end restaurant. If owning a bakery or other business of their own is a goal, then it may be best to earn a business degree, which takes an average of four years to earn.

Graphic Designer

Drawing, painting, and other forms of art are common hobbies for children. While anyone can scribble, it takes real talent (and often years of practice) for children and teens to learn how to make true works of art. While there is not much of a market for life-sized portraits anymore, people still make a living off of making art. One of the most popular ways to do this is to work as a graphic designer.

What do graphic designers do? The term is a little vague, which means that career outlook is also varied. Graphic designers can do anything from making wonderful digital art that can appear online or printed and sold, they can make advertisements, or they can work on apps. There are so many things they can do, that it might be easier to list the things they can't! Truly, this is a versatile career for anyone who has an artistic flair.

To become a graphic designer, students will need to attend four years of college to earn a degree in graphic design or a related field, like art. This degree does not necessarily have to be earned from an art school, either. No matter what school a student attends, it is likely to take around four years to earn the degree.

The jobs listed above align with the common children's talents and hobbies of art, technology, cooking, and love for animals. If your child has one of these hobbies or talents, try taking a deeper look into one of the careers on this list to see if it could make the perfect future job for your child!