Best Family-Friendly Jobs For Parents


In today's workforce, it can seem nearly impossible to have a family. The cost of living is sky-rocketing from rent and mortgage and things like gas prices and daycare costs are through the roof as well. Maybe starting a family isn't a goal for everyone, but for those existing parents and future parents, something's gotta give. It's not all bad though. There are jobs out there that individuals with or planning to have families can take advantage of. Below is a list of family-friendly job or career paths you can take to make your life easier.


Truck driving jobs is one of those jobs that most wouldn't think would make any list in regards to being family-friendly, but that isn't the holistic case. You see, while most truck drivers have had sporadic schedules and crazy routes in times past, the truck driving industry is slowly but surely taking measure to become family-friendly. Most organizations are offering drivers more predictable schedules and some drivers are even becoming their own operators to boost their flexibility.


When we say freelance creatives, the list can go on and on and on. To name a few, think copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, email specialists, and more. Individuals in these types of roles on a freelance basis have supreme flexibility. Most of them can work from the comfort of their own home and some of them don't work the mundane 9-5 business hours work schedule like most of us. This is a plus, though. For freelancers that do have children, they can easily adjust their schedules around the things they need to do for their families. Balancing family and freelance is a skill though and only for the well-balanced.


Home daycare providers have it the best. And we mean the best. They get to watch other kids out of the comfort of their own home as well as their own. If that isn't family-friendly then what is? Home daycare can also be a cash raker as well if you're passionate about it - but this is about family-friendly jobs, not money! Another benefit to it being family friendly is that your child will always be in your care and will have several other children to play with. This is a win-win.


Teachers have it pretty good as well. They work a schedule that is pretty feasible for work-life balance and family. They usually began teaching at the wee hours of the morning, but get off of work at a good time before the later part of the afternoon starts. Teachers also work when the school is open. You know what that means; holidays, half-days, random snow days, and the entire summer off. Teachers have great opportunities to have families and actually spend quite a whole lot of time with their family as well. Unlike truck drivers, they don't have to spend a lot of time away or plan their schedule accordingly because they go as the school and their students go. Lucky for their spouse, kids and everyone else in their family.


Last but not least, business owners. Business owners have the ability to make their own schedule because after all, they are the business owner. This will allow for family time whether it's taking the kids to practices, staying up late with newborns, or even taking out their extra time for their loved ones. In some cases, business owners don't even have to be in a particular business location at all - as long as they're still running stuff.