Best Activities to Help your Kids Get Ready for School

Loretta Jane

Getting ready your child ready for their first day of school is a very exciting and empowering experience. You may feel extremely overwhelmed and nervous about your child’s transition into a new environment and may also feel worried that you haven’t taught your child all of the information they need to excel inside the classroom. Feeling these types of stresses are completely normal but there are a couple of activities you can do at home with your child that can make the transition into school life better for you and your child. These activities can help to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills, self help skills, visual motor skills and can even help your child socially and emotionally adapt better to their new school.

Teaching ‘School-Skills”

There are lots of school skills that can be taught at home to make sure that your child has all the tools to have a successful school year. To create a good learner it's important to first teach your child skills such as self control, paying attention, how to follow directions and social skills. Having your child exercise self control will help your child make the right decisions in class, for example, listening to the teacher instead of listening to their friends during instruction. Teaching your child to pay attention will help them be able to focus better in class. Following directions makes it easier for the student to easily grasp the rules and regulations of their school, while social skills help your child interact with other children in regards to sharing and getting along with their peers and ultimately making friends.

Scissor Cutting

Your child will be introduced to lots of new a different activities in school and with your help learning the basic skills they’ll be more confident when trying new activities in class. Most parents don't even let their children look at scissors let alone hold them, so it's safe to say your child may not know exactly what to do with them at all. Showing your child how to hold them in their hands and practicing how to hold them at home with safety scissors can be great guidance. After the get the hang of it you can start teaching your child how to cut in a straight line and for more practice having your child cut up things like playdough or fleece fabric. Cutting straws and small strips of paper can help them in regards to their fine motor skills.

Visual Motor Skills and Writing

Teaching your child to identify different shapes, colors and letters can also be very helpful to your child. You can do this by reading books with them and also explaining what sound each letter makes. Coloring is also a great way to help your child enhance their visual motor skills. You can start this out by showing your child how to color in one object and giving them a turn, make sure to use pictures with only one solid object to start off with. You can also have your child try and imitate straight lines and shapes with you as well this can help them when learning to write.

There are so many activities you can do with your child that can help get them ready for their first school year and also aid them in becoming more confident in their abilities. With the right tools you can create an active student that is ready to learn, can follow directions, complete tasks and get along with their peers. Getting your child ready for their first day of school can be very stressful but when you are able to give them all the tools they need to succeed they’ll excel.

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