A Swaddle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Becoming a new parent is both wonderful and terrifying adventure. With so many things to look out for and so many things to think about there are lists and books and everything else that you should be visiting to make sure that everything is ready for your little bundle to be brought home. One of those things that may require extra special attention is knowing how to comfortably and carefully wrap your baby up and why you should be extra cautious of the way you swaddle your baby. Here are a couple of reasons that those baby blankets and wraps are so important.

The Soothing Swaddle

One of the benefits of baby wraps are that they are a comforting support to your brand new baby. Being out in a world where there are so many sounds and items that are so much bigger than baby can bring about anxiety to the newborn that may not exactly know the difference. After being settled in the womb for nine months it is important to show your baby that the same support as was provided inside of the womb was replicated on the outside. This article explains more about why the soothing touch of the swaddle brings about the same comfort as was inside of the womb. Provide your little one with the replication of what they’re used to and what they know is safe.

A Startling Start

One of the most difficult things for a newborn baby to adjust to on the outside of the womb is being startled by loud noises. The Moro reflex is one that causes the baby to jump and startle at all sounds and things that hurt their little eardrums. By swaddling your newborn you secure them and reduce their reactions and the cause of the Moro reflex causing quick and involuntary movements that may cause your baby to wake up and cry immediately from being scared and startled easily. Here is more information on the moro reflex or also known as the startle reflex.

Body Heat Regulation

Another big part of bringing your newborn baby home is providing them with the care of keeping their body heat under control. Newborns have a hard time maintaining staying warm without the help of the loving parent or caregiver who is watching out for them. When you swaddle your newborn baby correctly you provide them with all of the comfortable heat that they once had within the womb. Simply swaddling your baby could be one of the most genuine forms of comfort that you could provide your little one with. Take a look here as to why maintaining your little ones body heat is one of the most important things you could do for your brand new baby.

Being a new parent can be a scary thing, but also one of the most beautiful parts in your life is just beginning with the new little bundle. Do your newborn baby one simple favor by swaddling them correctly with the right type of blankets that provide them all of the warmth, comfort, and careful means that a wrap and swaddle produce. With so many different benefits that come along with swaddling your baby correctly and providing them with the safety that the wrap provides, it would be silly not to take advantage of something so simple for your new offspring. Don’t hesitate when it comes to wrapping your baby in a comfortable swaddle, make sure you know the right ways and you provide them with the best. Your baby deserves it.

Best of Luck with your new little bundle of joy. You were made for this job. A baby wrap just makes your life a little more simple and provides you with the assurance that you are in fact doing the right thing by them. Take care of yourself and your little one today.