A Perfectly Inexpensive Wedding For Your Daughter

Kevin Gardner

As a parent, you want to give your child all the happiness you can, and this feeling continues when the child is getting married. Sometimes, the heart doesn't match your wallet, even if you want to give your daughter the very best wedding. The following are a few tips to help you fulfill her dreams without breaking the bank, especially now that weddings have gotten more expensive.

Rethink the Food

There is no doubt that weddings are more expensive, but you do not have to go down that road if you are willing to think outside the box a bit. For example, understand that food is perhaps one of the biggest expenses, so figure out a way to reduce the costs.

You can hire friends and family members to cook instead of having it catered. Yes, you'll have to pay for the ingredients, but the amount you'll save will be great. You can also hire a food truck, which is a little strange but could be a welcomed quirky addition to your daughter's wedding.

Get Into Reusing

The next thing you want to reconsider is the clothes. It might be a good idea to ask your daughter if she is okay with getting a used gown instead of a new one. These types of dresses can be purchased used online, and they can be altered to fit your daughter's needs. If the wedding will be cold, you can take some white fleece fabric and create a mini jacket to keep the bride warm until the big moment. Sure, it may sound unorthodox, but it will work, and it can save a lot of money.

The rest of the people involved in the wedding may want to rent tuxedos and dresses instead of actually purchasing them. In all likelihood, this is probably the only time the dress or tuxedo is going to be worn since most weddings have their own unique look, so buying is not all that important. You'll have a lot more money if you decide to rent or buy used items.

Reconsider the Jewelry

The diamond ring has been the norm for all wedding rings, but that has not been the case all the time. Believe it or not, there was a moment in time when people purchased rings made out of different materials and used different stones. You might want to consider an alternative stone as long as it can come in a diamond shape.

You might also want to consider less expensive metals, such as sterling silver or even copper. The jewelry that is used to get married can be whatever you want it to be, which should help free up a few more dollars to do other important things for the wedding. Of course, you can also just purchase used wedding bands as well to save a few bucks.

It Takes a Village

Remember that you can hire your own family or friends to cook? Well, you can ask others within your circle of friends or your family members to try to help in other ways to reduce costs. Find out if anyone can provide some of the services you may have to pay for otherwise.

For example, find out if anyone can take pictures professionally or if anyone knows how to DJ. These kinds of skills are not necessarily rare – meaning you may know someone who might do it for a low price. Weddings used to be a collective effort, and there is no reason why they cannot be once again.

Digitize it All

Everyone has gotten used to the idea of sending off invitations and printing all sorts of information regarding the wedding. All of this paper printing costs money and you'd be surprised just how much. One reason printing cost so much is because the paper related to weddings is usually high quality and expensive.

What you want to do is consider switching everything to digital. Almost everyone has a social media account, and you can use that to your advantage to invite people to the wedding. You can also send the address to the wedding venue through there and even address questions such as food choice or other questions guests may have.

It is important to make sure that your daughter is on board with some of these alterations to the wedding that might be unfamiliar to her. Your daughter should understand why you are taking these steps, and you can still create a dream wedding for your child.