8 Staycation Ideas For Your Family


Most families are staying close to home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of feeling sad that you can't travel this year, try to turn that around and look at the positive side. This is a unique opportunity to have a vacation to remember.

1. Your Own Pool

If you normally stay in a luxurious hotel with an in-ground pool, this may be the year to create your own piece of backyard luxury. You may have thought about this in the past but rejected the idea because you didn't know where to start.

The first step would be to contact a reputable and longstanding pool construction company like custom pools Charleston. They can answer all of your questions and even help you finance the pool of your dreams.

Keep in mind that from dream to reality, a pool can take eight to twelve weeks. Don't just sit there watching the progress and dreaming of the finished product! Here are seven more super fun staycation ideas.

2. Go Camping at Home

Whether you're a camping family that always roughs it on vacation or whether you're strictly five star hotel people, try camping at home. You can pitch a tent on your lawn or get more creative and just drape some fabric overhead on your porch or deck.

Sleeping bags and a campfire may not be required but two things you will not want to forget are insect repellant and at least one flashlight. Even innocent creatures like rabbits can sound scary in the middle of the night and you will want to be able to instantly see what is making that chewing sound.

3. Have a Picnic

Normally picnics involve packing a lunch, then driving or walking until you come upon the perfect spot. This year the perfect spot can be on your lawn or porch. You can include the picnic basket and blanket to sit on but there's no need for the drive.

Make the lunch really special and be sure to include plenty of everyone's favorites. After lunch, you can lie back on the blanket and look for shapes in the clouds or use the blanket for a nap.

4. Hold a Game Tournament

Whether your family's favorite is volleyball or Monopoly, divide yourselves into two teams and play against each other as many times as you want. Someone should be the official scorekeeper and when the day ends, they will be able to declare a winning team. Finding a "prize" around the house to award the winners will make it even more fun.

5. Work Together on a Family Project

Depending on your skill level and the average attention span of your crew, you can do anything from simply planting a flower to building a treehouse. Anything done as a family will be more meaningful and everyone might even learn a new skill or two.

The internet is your DIY friend. Once you choose a project, you should be able to find complete directions, videos to get you through any complicated parts and information such as whether or not you need a permit to build a structure in your yard.

6. Have a Dance Party

Bring the music outdoors, decide on a theme and dance an evening away. Make sure there are plenty of snacks and liquids to keep the dancers going. As it gets dark, you can enhance the mood with twinkle lights or citronella candles.

7. Go to the Drive-In at Home

Movies are fun. Somehow movies outside are even more fun. Giant, inflatable movie screens are a fairly new invention and have become very popular during the pandemic. Of course, you can also use any outside surface like your garage door or the back wall of your house. If the colors aren't light enough, go the old-fashioned route and tack up a sheet.

Next you need a laptop and a projector. You can find old classics online or surprise the family with a new blockbuster. Since movie theaters have been closed, some films have gone straight to the internet and can be watched for a fee.

Just add lounge chairs and some popcorn for a really fun family night.

8. What To Do When It Rains

If it rains during your staycation, there will still be fun things to do.

You could challenge each other to a bake off, read off, or clean off.

A larger project, maybe for a whole week of rain, is to paint a part of the indoors. Maybe the hallway could use refreshing or someone is tired of their room color. Just put down plenty of drop cloths, give everyone a brush or roller and don't expect perfection.

Although you may have grimaced in the past at the word "staycation", now you know that staying home can be even more fun than going away. Also, you won't need to pack.