7 Tips To Safety Proof Your Backyard For Children


Backyards are the location where many summer memories are made. It is where your kids are provided with fresh air, fun, and plenty of exercise. It is also important to understand backyards can present a reasonable degree of danger to your children. However, the risk of backyard dangers to your children can be decreased by adhering to the following safety procedures.

Establish Rules

You and your children should establish safety guidelines in the weeks leading up to the summer months. The rules should be committed to paper and posted somewhere everyone in the house can see. Make sure that all children visiting your home read and understand the safety rules.

The particular set of safety rules drafted for your backyard will depend a lot on the age of your children and other factors. However, common rules that should be included are no roughhousing, always use equipment for their intended purpose, and place bicycles and personal items in locations away from where children are playing.

Supervise Children

Children are not always able to identify situations that are dangerous to them. For this reason, you should never leave children outdoors unattended. When you supervise the outdoor activities of your children and their playmates, you have the opportunity to make sure they remain hydrated, apply sunscreen if needed, and take periodic rest breaks.

Install A Fence

You should make sure your backyard is enclosed in a fence that is outfitted with a self-closing gate to assure your children remain in the backyard. If fence installation is not possible, make sure your children understand the boundaries that are set for their play area.

Wooden Playsets

Backyard playsets will commonly include a number of playstations like swings, slides, and climbing walls. These stations are great for providing exercise and entertainment for your children but should be inspected regularly for signs of damage or wear.

Be sure to check playsets for rotted wood, bolts that protrude from surfaces, and loose railings. It is good to have a professional come by from time to time to identify termite damage if any is present on wooden structures in the backyard.

Playset safety checklists are available to help you identify any items that might be unsafe for your children.

Safety When Grilling

All Americans love a good backyard cookout. However, it can be dangerous for children when they are in close proximity to grills. Make sure to put some distance between where the children are allowed to play and where you or another adult are operating a grill. A hot grill should never be left unattended and lock items like matches, lighter fluid, and others away from children once finished with the grill.

Eliminate Unsafe Flowers And Plants

Older children will understand not to put things from outside in their mouths. However, a toddler might find it inviting to take a bite from a colorful and sweet smelling flower. Many common plants and flowers are toxic once they are ingested. You should educate yourself on this matter and remove any potentially unsafe vegetation from your backyard.

Survey And Remove Potential Hazards

There are many common backyard items that are unsafe for kids to be close to while playing. Some of these items are tools for gardening, chemicals, and hoses. These items should be secured in locations your children and their friends will be unable to access. You should also survey your backyard for naturally occurring hazards like low tree limbs, holes in the ground, and fire ants.

The Bottom Line

Your family's backyard is a place many of the memories your family will cherish for a lifetime are made. Your children will remember many of these times as the best from their childhood. The seven tips above will provide you with a blueprint for keeping your children safe while enjoying your backyard.