7 Products Parents Need to Take Their Health to the Next Level


In the world of health and wellness, it can be hard to narrow down your options among so many great new products

on the market. Fitness goals and weight loss motivate a lot of choices toward healthier living, gym memberships and supplement purchases. However, technology seems to be making it easier to achieve more with less. Thanks to the Internet and digital connectivity, there are apps or devices that can help you manage just about every area of life. Though it's just a small sample of the potential out there, here are seven health products that you can’t afford to live without.

Wellness Subscriptions

You have so many more options for door delivery than just magazines and newspapers. There are dozens of subscription services available that deliver better health to your doorstep. Whether it’s a haircare routine like Hims or Roman or a healthy meal delivered in a box for you to prepare, you can simplify your quest for wellness.

Smart Weights

Strength training is important for developing a strong core, but it also improves stability, balance and bone strength. The JaxJox Kettlebell Connect is a smart weight that gives you access to the kettlebell section typically reserved for gym memberships. With just the press of a button, you can take the weight from being as light as 12 pounds all the way up to a challenge at 42 pounds. It has a compact design so it doesn’t get in the way of your furniture or get lost in the midst of kids toys. There are motion sensors that track your workout in the companion app, which lets you track your progress over time.

A Smart Watch

Though there are several kinds of smartwatches available, the Fitbit Versa 2 ranks highly for those looking wanting to track their health and fitness progress. When using a watch, you have a low-profile gadget that can deliver an update on your sleeping patterns, your heart rate, your steps, and a woman’s menstrual cycle. There is excellent battery life in this model, and the straps come in a number of sophisticated colors. In some respects, it is almost like having a personal trainer with you all the time encouraging you to get active and checking on your health.

Gut Health Supplements

Your gut health has a lot to do with how well the rest of your body feels and looks. Poor gut health can lower your immune system, reduce natural digestive functions and create belly bloat. A supplement like Seed Daily Synbiotic delivers more than just probiotic support. Many people focus on increasing their probiotic intake, but the body needs just as many prebiotics to help the probiotics thrive. This daily capsule delivers the good bacteria that your gut needs to thrive and function efficiently.

A Smart Water Bottle

Proper hydration is a struggle for most Americans. Water is tasteless, but it is also hard to keep track of how much you are drinking. With the LifeFuels Smart Bottle, you are carried into the future of hydrating. The bottle comes with uniquely formulated FuelPods- special concentrations of electrolytes, flavoring and essential vitamins. Users fill the body with water, then drop in a FuelPod. The bottle handles the proper diffusion of concentrate, but it also tracks your intake through the companion app to let you know when you have hit an adequate amount of hydration.

A Mental Health Resource

You shouldn’t ignore the need for strong mental health while you work on your physical health. The Year of Gratitude Kit encourages you to express thanks each week. The act of gratitude stimulates mental clarity, contentment and relieves stress. This kit provides a journal to track your thoughts, but it also provides thank you notes that should be filled out and sent each week.

An Air Purifier

One of the more expensive items to purchase, but an air purifier will do wonders for your home environment. The Alen BreathSmart True HEPA Air Purifies removes dust, allergens, bacteria, and smoke from inside your home. As a smart system, it was built with an interface that tackles tough problems like pet odors. Cleaner air means fewer toxins absorbed by your body.

These seven products can get you on a path toward health and wellness. Technology lends a hand for a few of these, but the effort you put in on the others is worth it.