Shopping for a family vehicle is worlds apart from shopping for a car when you're single. While everyone values their safety, it's just one piece of the puzzle. All of the following vehicles have superb safety ratings, just as most modern vehicles. You have to ask what else is important to you.

Do you want an eco-friendly car? Are you looking for a trendy and eye-catching vehicle? Do you have younger children who love to watch movies during road trips? Or are you the team parent who chauffeurs you child and their teammates to and from practice? We've factored in price, fuel economy, comfort, technology, and a plethora of other categories to save you time so the only thing you'll have to think about is which color you want.

Here are the Top 7 Family-Friendly Cars

Best Midsize Family Car

Honda Accord

Price Range: $23,720 - $35,950

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable sedan, the Accord has always been a great choice for families and the latest model is no different. While it's fuel-efficient, it still has a respectable amount of power. It also has ample space for cargo in the trunk and the large back seats accommodate child safety seats of all sizes. You'll get many advanced safety features without having to pay for extra, as they now come standard on the Accord.

Most Trendy Car

Kia Stinger

Price Range: $32,990-$52,400

If you want a more stylish alternative to the Accord, you can choose the Kia Stinger. One of the cars on this list which is great for anyone, not just families. It's available in AWD or RWD and has 255-365hp, seats 5 and has great trunk space. The only drawback is the fuel economy as it only gets 22mpg and 29 on the highway. That said it is one of the top luxury cars and the Accord is the only midsize to outrank it.

Best Family Truck

Dodge Ram 1500

Price Range: $31,795 - $57,040

If you have the type of family who enjoys the outdoors, this is perfect for you. It has a towing capacity of 12,750 lbs, making it great for hauling a boat, camper, kayaks or trailers. It's highly rated for many reasons such as being extremely roomy, quiet and offering a smooth ride which you would expect from a luxury car.

Best Minivan

Chrysler Pacifica

$26,985 - $44,445

This is the ideal vehicle for families who love going on road trips. It is also spacious enough to haul cargo. While driving aids such as 360-degree camera, lane departure warning system, and adaptive cruise control are optional, the Pacifica has great visibility for the driver. Another plus is the fact that it costs less than its Toyota and Honda counterparts. KBB mentions how it's more powerful than the Honda Odyssey but slightly less powerful than Toyota's Sienna.

Best Wagon

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

Price Range: $64,200 - $108,850

Not only is it a great family car, according to Car And Driver, but it also has a lot of power. The base model has Twin Turbo V-6 with an astonishing 365 horsepower and if that's not enough, the AMG version has 603 hp and can go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and the base model clocks in at 4.8 seconds. Not bad for a wagon which is known for hauling around cargo.

Best Large Family Vehicle

Ford Expedition

Price Range: $48,530 - $79,200

If the usual crossover, minivan, or truck isn't big enough for your family, then you might need the Ford Expedition. It has many of the same benefits of but with an emphasis on size, towing capacity, and passenger space. It's big enough to seat the Varsity Offensive Line of your son's football team. In other words, it can seat up to eight 6-foot tall 300lb athletes without them feeling squished. The XLT, Limited and Platinum packages are great and they all have a MAX version which offers more cargo space.

Best Eco-Friendly Car

Hyundai Kona Electric

Price Range: $19,990 - $31,950

If own a car which produces zero emissions is important to your then choose the Kona. Aside from all of the obvious benefits of electric cars, the Kona has many standard safety features which used to be optional. This is the #1 Small SUV due to its high ratings in comfort, safety, interior, and especially technology. It's superb navigation, smartphone integration, and voice control make this a perfect choice for today's modern family.


There you have 7 diverse options which should help guide in your search for the perfect car for your family. Regardless of your budget, family needs, size, or plans, one of these cars should be exactly what you want. The Accord and the Pacifica also are among the best selling hybrids available, the Ram and Expedition have large towing capacities so it boils down to how many seats you need.