6 Fun Winter Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy


You don't have to suffer from boredom when the weather turns cold. There are so many things to do once winter hits, both indoors and out. Perhaps the best thing is that even families with young children can enjoy these six great winter activities.

Hit The Slopes

Learning to ski as a child makes it easier to master the skills needed to successfully stay upright while heading downhill. Plan ahead to get kids into a ski school if they are new to the sport, and consider buying or renting helmets and goggles for safety. Then go ahead and load everyone in the car, strap their skis onto your Subaru Forester cross bars, and head off to the slopes for a truly memorable family adventure. If you aren't sure about the downhill aspect, you might consider finding some cross country ski trails for the family to enjoy.

Let the Snowballs Fly

Who says all winter fun has to involve leaving home? Having a snowball fight can be a fun game for the entire family. You can make it as involved as you want. Consider establishing teams to make sure the battle is fair. Let the kids develop strategies and lead your wintery army into battle laden with armfuls of their handmade snowball grenades. Or, keep it simple and just lob snowballs back and forth as soon as you can shape them, battling until your fingers are just too cold to make any more. Either way, top it off with some steaming mugs of cocoa as you recount the fun.

Make Snow Cream

Many people have fond memories of making snow cream as a kid. However, if you haven't heard of snow cream, it's like ice cream, but is made with snow and condensed milk or cream. Sugar and vanilla round out the mixture and can be adjusted so you get the flavor you want. Making snow cream is incredibly simple and is a fun winter activity that can be enjoyed by even very young kids.

Go on a Nature Walk

There is a lot to see in the winter landscape. So, whether you live somewhere that is cold and snowy or lush and tropical, you can still enjoy taking a nature walk in the winter. Make a point to look for plants and animals that are only visible in winter while you are outside. You might also want to pick up some natural supplies for a fun winter-themed craft later on. Spending time outdoors is fun, but it is also good for your health. Sunshine can help boost your mood, the walk will help you get in some exercise, and fresh air can help your body get rid of the germs lurking inside.

Bake Cookies

Not all winter activities have to be outdoors. In fact, there is something about staying in and baking cookies that just shouts winter family fun. Think of the warmth in your kitchen as you create memories with your kids. Try out several different types of cookies, and make sure that everyone gets to help. Even very young children can stir batter or press cookie cutters into the dough. Older kids might be able to help with measuring ingredients, pouring them, and even loading and unloading trays into the oven. Of course, the best part might end up being tasting their creations.

Build a Fort

No matter what the weather outside looks like, a fort made from pillows and blankets can provide hours of family fun. Virtually no type of furniture is off-limits in this building free for all. Once it's finished, kids can survey their domain while the whole family can pile in to watch a winter-themed movie from the safety of the fort's walls.

No matter what winter activities you decide to pursue, the most important thing is to find something that the whole family can enjoy together. Don't be afraid to adapt games or projects to suit individual members, or change rules so younger kids can understand them. The time you spend enjoying each other will likely create memories that will last for many years to come.