6 Beginner Projects Homeowners Can Do To Improve Their Home


As a homeowner, you want to improve on your home as much as possible, but large projects can be more than you are capable of doing yourself. Projects like opening up walls, electrical work, and plumbing are just outside of your range of abilities, those are better left to the contractors who know what they are doing.

What are some home improvement projects that will give your space new life that you can handle by yourself?

#1 Paint Always Refreshes A Space Or Room

Painting can be one of the most impactful things you can do to any space or room in your home. You can paint all the walls in a room, give a room an accent wall, change the trim color, or even just paint the doors. Choose colors that will bring you happiness and colors that calm your home for the most impact.

#2: Clean Up and Repair Outdoor Spaces

You don’t want to forget about your outdoor space. You can easily create a fire pit for late night gatherings or spruce up your outdoor furniture with new cushions for that added punch of color. Be sure to remove any rubbish or debris while being on the lookout for any tiles, bricks, or furniture that is in need of repair.

While putting in a pool isn’t something you can do yourself, you can work with a designer that creates custom pools in Montgomery. Once the pool is put in, there are many home projects you can do such as plant beautiful flowers in your garden, or creating gathering spaces around your new pool.

#3 Updating Your Kitchen Hardware Is Easy

Updating your hardware in the kitchen is an easy way to spruce up your space with not a lot of effort. Before picking out hardware, be sure to match the type of hardware you already have to avoid drilling any new holes. For instance, if you have knobs on your drawers, stick to knobs. Changing to handle pulls will require new screw holes to be drilled which can be difficult if you don’t know what to do as well as leaving an empty hole in the center of your drawer.

#4 Add In Garage Storage For More Organization

You know you have wanted to clean out that cluttered garage for months, now is the time to do it. While you are at it, why not get a little more organized and add in some garage storage shelves. This will help you get your clutter organized. It will also make getting those holiday decorations out easier, since you will know exactly where they are.

#5 Replace Ripped Or Torn Window Screens

Replacing your window screens is a pretty simple and inexpensive home improvement project. Window screen comes on a roll so it is a basic measure and cut operation. This will help during those warmer months when you can have your windows open and keep the bugs from coming in through the holes.

#6 Window Film Adds Privacy And Energy Efficiency

We all love those sunny rooms but that same beautiful sunlight can also cause sun damage to your beautiful rugs and furniture. Not to mention how much heat that sunlight can bring with it, especially during the summer months. Adding window film, either in vinyl or in a thin polyester, will help decrease the sunlight coming in the room as well as the heat. This will help lower your energy bills and save your rugs and furniture. An added bonus is the increased privacy you get from the window film.

Don’t worry if you feel you can’t improve your home because you don’t have the budget or because you don’t have certain skills. There are things you can do to improve your home. Simple projects that can really change your space without breaking the bank, a little effort will go a long way.