6 Baby Shower Gifts Parents Can Actually Use


Have you received an invitation to a baby shower and are now stuck wondering just what to get? Or, maybe you’re a parent-to-be looking to make their baby shower registry. There are plenty of things out there that you might want to get, from adorable onesies to soft blankets. There are plenty of gifts that might seem cute at the time of purchase but just end up at the bottom of a dresser only to be found several years later completely untouched. When it comes to baby shower gifts, the best ones are the ones that new parents can use.


Diapers are possible the most practical and least fun gift anyone could think of. After all, new parents are going to have diapers. Newborns go through diapers quickly. The last thing any parent wants is to wake up in the middle of the night to change the baby and realize that they’re either on the last diaper (or worse, out of them).

You can never have too many diapers. It can be beneficial to gift a few packs in different sizes. This way, there’s no worrying about not having the right size when the baby is suddenly too for their current size. Diapers that don’t get used can be saved for the next baby, donated, or gifted to another friend.

Sleep Sack

Many first-time parents are surprised to learn that babies shouldn’t have a blanket in their crib or bassinet until they are at least 12 months old. This can leave many wondering how a newborn will stay warm, especially in the colder months of the year. A sleep sack is a great option for keeping a baby warm while also ensuring their safety. The sleep sack stays on just like a piece of clothing and is much snugger than a blanket. There’s no worrying about it coming off in the middle of the night or causing potential harm.


Babies love to be held and new parents love holding their baby. Sometimes, however, it’s not always possible to hold the baby and get things done. Wearing Baby Wraps makes it possible to keep the baby close while still allowing parents to use their hands. Plus, the closeness aids in parent-baby bonding.

Diaper Bag

New parents have to carry a lot, from clothes and toys to feeding supplies and diapers. It may not be possible for a new mom to put all of these items in her current purse. A diaper bag is an excellent solution, providing a way for parents to carry around everything the baby needs. There are numerous types to choose from including satchel and backpack. Lifestyle should play a role in determining the style of the bag and personal taste can help to determine the style.

Baby Monitor

Sleeping is a foreign concept to new parents. What little sleep they can get can often be ruined by worrying if their baby is alright. Is the little one breathing? Is she awake? Does he need something? A baby monitor allows parents to keep track of their little one after he or she has been put down in the crib. Some parents are fine with monitors that simply allow them to hear their baby while others like to see what’s going on. A video monitor provides visual confirmation that their baby is okay. Some video monitors even sync up to smart devices.

Breastfeeding Kit

If the mother-to-be plans on breastfeeding, a breastfeeding kit can be a lifesaver. Several useful items can be added. Milk storage bags allow for safe storage of milk after pumping. Breast pads prevent wet spots on shirts. A nipple balm can be great in case of sore spots or cracking due to nursing.

New parents are often in need of many things. Adorable gifts for the baby are great, but you also want to make sure that those gifts are useful as well. Some of these gifts might seem too practical at first, but they will certainly be appreciated after the baby arrives.