5 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

Craig Middleton

When someone mentions cleaning up or getting organized, most people's first instincts aren't to celebrate. It's rare for anyone to associate sorting their belongings with fun, but that doesn't mean it can't be an enjoyable experience.

How to Make Cleaning Fun

The fact is that cleaning up is a part of life. As a parent, it can be quite the challenge to keep things clean. That's why it's time to implement new innovative organization habits. Try the following ideas to introduce your kids to the fun side of cleaning up:

1. Making it a Competition

If you've never thought to use a timer while cleaning up, you're in for a lot of fun. Ask your kids to join you for 15 minutes to see who can clean up their rooms faster. With the right rules in place and no distractions, you and your kids will be able to compete against one another to see who will be crowned the cleaning champ.

The person that is able to accomplish the most in that time period will be the winner Whether you reward them with a prize or you continue to play to see who will unseat the reigning champion, playing this organization game with your family will ensure that some serious cleaning is accomplished.

2. Dance Your Way Through

The most difficult part about getting organized is finding the motivation to keep cleaning. One of the best ways to ignite your kids' cleaning spirit is to make the entire process a dance fest. Encourage your family to get in their happy zone by playing some upbeat music. Regardless of whatever music is playing, your kids will agree that it's a lot easier to get through dusting the furniture when they have a soundtrack to dance to.

3. Celebrate Your Progress

Celebrating small wins is what life is all about. It's too easy to become discouraged by all of the organizing you have left to do. Instead of thinking about how long it will take to clean up your home, have your kids focus on small milestones throughout the process.

Keep track of your cleaning progress as you and your kids go through the house. Did your children neatly place all their school supplies in a drawstring bag? Have all the clothes been folded and put away neatly? It's time to celebrate! Have your children pick their treat of choice as a reward for each task that has been completed.

4. Choose Fun Containers

The organization process can be quite tedious. Why keep things boring by using the same predictable plastic containers, manilla folders, and otherwise unassuming organization containers? Spice things up by getting crazy with colors, shapes, and patterns.

Go to your local office supply store to choose some containers that your children like. It's best if they find different items that they connect with, that way they'll always associate using these containers with happy thoughts. If you really want to make your containers special, give them a DIY makeover. With a little paint, glitter, stickers, and the like, your kids will be able to create their own personalized secret weapon against clutter.

5. Schedule Regular Breaks

Even if you can power through some serious back-to-back cleaning time, it isn't fair to expect your kids to. Once you've spent a good amount of time organizing together, take a break. During this downtime, let your kids indulge in a few healthy snacks, enjoy a short episode of their favorite show, or look through Pinterest for some more organizing inspiration.

Similarly, taking some time away from your home altogether will help them recharge. Consider taking a walk around the neighborhood or having a game of tag or hide-and-seek outside.

Getting organized doesn't have to be a painful process. With the right creative ideas, you'll be able to show your children that organizing can be enjoyable too.