5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Family


As Thanksgiving must be the 1 day of this year when technology takes a back seat to dialogue, laughter, and real interaction. Place off, disconnect from networking that is societal, and package up the laptop, right? Easier said than done, of course -- about which could become one of the holidays of this year, because is relaxing.

That is why we've compiled for placing technology to work in successful manners this Thanksgiving, the following 5 tips:

  1. Without glancing at a recipe, yes, Grandma made a spread for 15 individuals. However, in this digital day and age, does not it make sense to use technology when you are cooking and prepping for 3 days? From shopping and organizing list programs such as Clear+ to recipe clearinghouses such as Butterball Cookbook Plus to menu supporters such as Snapguide to project direction sorters such as KitchenPad Timer to interactive scales and high tech thermometers, the program shop may be your best (and cheapest) buddy as you prepare for Thursday's feast. And keep in mind , phone assistants could be a cook's companion.

  2. Sounds ridiculous, right? Request anybody tasked with cutting the manner a turkey whether they would prefer an electric knife or a blade come dinnertime however, and we bet you will get 1 answer. Frustration-minimizer and this time-saver is the greatest in Thanksgiving technology that is fundamental.

  3. We all can not be together with our families this Thanksgiving. But regardless of how far away you're from your nearest and dearest, Internet-based video calling is simple, economical, and anyplace. Whether you like Skype, FaceTime, or a different video conferencing support, do not let distance keep you from telling that sprinkled comparative just how much you really love and miss them this Thanksgiving. Utilize your home security system and new wireless security cameras. You can share photos from the afternoon with any range of cloud sharing websites and networking.

  4. Everyone would like to see their own Thanksgiving heritage: the Macy's Parade, soccer matches,"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"... Instead of fighting over the remote, however, place technologies such as DVR, TiVo, or perhaps the streaming service which could dial up Aunt Martha's favourite series in a moment to utilize. Do not enjoy watching TV? Utilize that giant display to allow everybody exhibit family images from all over the year (Note: a tech-wise family member demanded ).

  5. The paradigm is now beginning to change with this American"convention" that probably turns off more people than it ends up on. Only look at outdoor retailer REI, which in October announced it would close all its stores on Black Friday so that workers (on paid vacations, no less) and clients could #OptOutside and spend the afternoon NOT fighting it out over the large sale. Obviously, lots people prefer to spend the day relaxing in the comfort of their own homes, that is completely fine -- also provides a fantastic chance to find some easy online shopping completed.