5 Things to Consider When You’re Designing Your Own Custom-Build Pool

Loretta Jane

Northwest Florida summers are hot to the point of being uncomfortable. And while gorgeous sunny days may sound blissful, the reality can feel very different when you’re sweaty and surrounded by cranky family members. A trip to the local recreation center would solve the problem, but do you really want to spend time and effort getting everything together, packing up the car, driving to the local pool, and trying to find a parking space? And that’s even before you attempt to find enough loungers for everybody to sit together. Doesn’t having your own custom-build pool sound much more pleasant? If you’re considering joining the 1.1 million Florida residents who have a pool in their backyard, here are five things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your design.


The cost of building a pool can quickly mount up depending on the materials you use. Everything from the tiles you choose to the filtration system you install can impact your final budget total. The smaller your budget, the more important it is that your money goes towards ticking off essential safety features before you start to look at pool designs. It’s useful to work closely with a professional when looking at pool construction in Santa Rosa Beach as they’ll not only provide expert advice on the essential steps you need to take but may also be able to source you cheaper alternative materials that will enable you to achieve the look you want for less.


Deciding upon the features you wish to include is the fun part of pool design: the part where you can truly make it your own. This is when you choose your lighting styles, bespoke spa elements such as hot tubs or bubble pools, sun lounger ledges or waterfall features. But it doesn’t stop at the pool. You might wish to extend the design to include an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area, a sound system, a bar area, storage, or some sort of games console too.


If you’re investing in a pool, you want to make sure it enhances its surroundings, not look at odds with it. Speak to your pool installation team about your garden’s landscaping before the project starts or consult with a local landscaper to seek their advice as both may suggest improvements you can make that will help your pool suit the area better. The gradient of the land, soil type, and average weather conditions all play a part in dictating the suitability of a design layout.

Type of Pool

There are two core types of swimming pool you can choose from: above ground and in ground. An above-ground pool is the most cost-efficient option you can choose as it requires no excavation work. An in-ground pool is what you may be more used to seeing – these are the pools that are dug into your yard, where the top of the pool is level with the ground. Once you know the pool type, you then need to choose a shape, whether that be a standard rectangle or something more geometric, and also the material you want your pool to be made out of.


There are many ways you can make pool ownership a breeze. Innovative pool filtration systems and robotic cleaning tools mean you can spend less time and effort cleaning and more time on your sun lounger, while you can operate many smart features such as temperature settings and pool covers by remote control. There are also several safety features you can incorporate including pool cameras and immersion detectors, which are especially useful if you have small children in the vicinity.

Be the envy of your neighbors and the number one spot for a pool party and holiday celebrations – having your own pool will mean months of family fun together (and you need never have to wait for a sun lounger to become free at the local recreation center ever again).