5 Outdoor Summer Activities Your Whole Family Will Love


Summer is here, and that means plenty of time for fun in the sun! Now that school is out, you may be looking for ideas to keep your kids entertained. As much as they love television and video games, they should have plenty of opportunities for active play and outdoor adventures. Fortunately, enjoying the summer weather does not require extensive travel or a huge budget. You have plenty of options for keeping your family happy, busy, and safe with these outdoor activities in and around your own yard.

1. Play Active Family Games

There's nothing like a little competition between family members to keep summer interesting. Start by playing simple games like kickball, tag, and dodge ball in your own yard. The rules are simple enough for younger kids, and the games are active enough to help your little ones burn off some energy. Need to get the yard in shape first? For example, if you and your family live in Boise, Idaho, Start with hiring a lawn mowing Boise service. They will keep the grass trimmed and looking good. After taking care of that, you will be able to make obstacles more visible. A clean, freshly cut lawn feels great under bare toes and makes family sports more enjoyable.

2. Create Your Own Water Park

If you have a hose or a sprinkler, get ready for hours of outdoor fun. Splashing around outside is a great way to cool off, especially if your family does not have access to a pool. Kick up the fun with water balloons or a baby pool, or invite the neighbors for a water fight. This is also a fun way to get your kids cleaned up after playing outdoor games or finishing arts projects.

3. Get Creative

Doing arts and crafts outdoors is a great way to pass those long summer days. Being outside gives your kids the freedom to get creative (and messy!) in ways that they can't indoors. Try painting outside to create posters, painted rocks, or decorated forts. Washable paint can be removed from hard surfaces with a hose, or you could simply wait for the next rain storm. Try crafting with beads outdoors, or make your own messy slime. Sidewalk chalk is a great, washable option. For messier fun, try these DIY chalk bombs for extra splashes of color.

4. Explore Nature

You don't have to venture into the wilderness to get your kids into nature. Use your own yard, a neighborhood park, or even a safe sidewalk to connect with the natural world and spark your kids' curiosity. Go for a bug hunt, wade in a stream, or check out all the creepy crawlies under fallen logs. See if you and your family can identify the plants and birds in and around your yard. For a more high-tech adventure, use a telescope to create your own astronomy lab. You'll be amazed by what you and your kids can learn in your own surroundings.

5. Have Weekly Picnics or Barbecues

Few things say summer like eating freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers while sprawled out on a big blanket. There's something about having meals outside that is really exciting for kids. Set up a sunset picnic and watch the stars come out, or take some time to try out new recipes as a family. You can find all kinds of frozen treats at the grocery store, but everything is more special when homemade. Try some recipes for homemade ice cream, or make some ice pops out of your kids' favorite juices. Ice pops can even be used for a little creative fun in the great outdoors!

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your family. Kids have so many options for outdoor fun in their own yards, they should never complain about being bored. Try some of these fun activities to reduce screen time, get fresh air, and do more together as a family. Your kids will come away with some great summer memories to share with their classmates in the fall.