5 Outdoor Activities for Your Kids


Anybody with kids knows that children need their time to play outside. Many parents opt to sign their kids up for some type of outdoor activity to make sure that their kids get a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine.

Not only does an outdoor activity help your child get outside, it can also help keep them mentally and physically fit! If you are floundering trying to decide what direction you and your kid want to go with an outdoor activity, here are five possibilities.

1. Baseball

Baseball has been called America's favorite pastime. It is a popular outdoor sport that many children get involved with. Playing baseball means spending a lot of time outside practicing and playing on a field. The culture of baseball is one of competition and fun so it is a great option for anyone looking to spend some time outside in a safe place. To get started, you can find a local youth league and sign your child up. You also will need to look into baseball gear, Rawlings equipment is a well known brand and is the perfect brand with which to gear up. Once your kid is signed up and has the right gear, the fun is ready to begin!

2. Cross Country

If you have ever seen the movie Chariots of Fire, then you have an idea about what kind of sport cross country is. This is a sport not created for the faint of heart. It involves plenty of time outside because most of cross country training is long, timed runs. However, it is a fantastic option if your child has a lot of energy and needs somewhere to direct it. Oftentimes cross country races are run over natural terrain which means that you need to be okay with some dirt and grime in order to participate.

3. Mountain Biking

If your child is a bit of a dare devil with a wild streak then mountain biking might be the perfect outdoor activity for them. This activity involves a lot of cardiovascular work, technical skill training and bravery. It can be dangerous at times due to the complex machinery of a bicycle, but there is plenty of gear involved in staying safe while riding. Mountain biking can be a highly rewarding, safe and healthy sport if you find the right community. To get started in this new and emerging activity, you can visit the IMBA website and see where the closest local development team is to you and your family! You can also find a local bike shop and start a conversation with the people who work there.

4. Sailing

This activity may seem a little intense, but it has the potential to help your child build skills and gain confidence in their own abilities to solve problems and maneuver through complicated situations. They also get to spend a lot of time in the sunshine and on the water. If you live near any large bodies of water, sailing lessons are a great way for your child to take advantage of your area's natural landscape while having a blast learning a new and useful skill.

5. Fishing

Fishing is an age old pastime that can also become a sport depending on how competitive your child is. All you really need for this activity is a fishing rod, whether complex or simple, and a body of water. This activity can teach your child situational awareness and patience. It can also put food on your family's table if they get good enough! This is also a simple and enjoyable activity that you can do with your kid during both of your free times. Fishing is a simple activity in and of itself, so there is a lot of time for talking to your fishing partner. It provides an avenue for connection and growth for anyone at any age.

Being outside is important for children and adults alike. In order to instill this knowledge in your child, you should consider involving them in an activity that fits their personality and will help them mature into a healthy and happy adult.