5 Items Every Dad Should Have in His 2019 Winter Wardrobe

Kevin Gardner

Winter is coming, and that means you can’t just throw on a t-shirt and shorts the next time you head out the door. It also means you have a lot of stylish options to wear that will keep you warm and looking good. Check out five of the items every man should have in his winter wardrobe.

A Thick Jacket

You won’t want to put your big winter coat on every time you’re heading somewhere, but you will want to stay warm. A thick jacket is just what you need. Peacoats are historic items of clothing that have been turned into a modern, fashionable item for men with all styles. Most peacoats are made from wool either in entirety or a large portion of it. Outer pockets are perfect to tuck your hands into for keeping warm, and inner pockets are perfect for holding your phone and your keys.

A bomber jacket is another nice, thick jacket dating back in history. Today they’re typically made of polyester or nylon, and they are easy to throw on when you’re short on time. Bomber jackets are perfect for layering, giving you that stylish look without compromising warmth.

A Flannel Shirt

Whether your flannel shirt is a button-down shirt with a collar or has a cotton hood attached, flannel will keep you warm, is a great option for layering and gives you that rugged man look. Wear it unbuttoned with a graphic t-shirt underneath or throw an insulated vest over it for added comfort. Flannel shirts come in various designs, though plaid is pretty typical. Pair your flannel with corduroy, denim or a variety of other pant styles for that perfect winter look.

Leather Boots

Whether you do a lot of work outdoors or are going for a certain look, leather boots are great in winter. Steel-toed boots are your best bet if they’ll be used on a jobsite, but stylish leather boots are also a fine option if you’re looking for a rugged boot to match your flannel.

Before wearing your leather boots in the winter weather, be sure they are treated with a waterproofing product. This will ensure they hold up, protect your feet and are looking good for the entire season.

A Hoodie

Though hoodies are often associated with college students and teens, the right hoodies can work for any man as a winter wardrobe essential. In various types of fabrics, styles, colors and patterns, the hoodie will keep you warm all winter long. Throw it on when you’re hanging out around the house, wear it out on a date or put it on under your jacket before heading to work.

When choosing a hoodie, keep in mind how it fits. It should be snug around your waist so it doesn’t let any cool air in, and it shouldn’t hang longer than the seat of your pants. By following these two rules on fit, it could look more formal than casual.

Sturdy Sneakers

Every man’s winter wardrobe should include some sturdy designer sneakers for those times you’re running errands or just going from one place to the next without spending too much time in the wet weather. Be sure to take care of your sneakers when you walk in a rain puddle, and when you run through the snow in them!

Spruce Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is just around the corner, and you don’t want to be left out in the cold without the right items in your wardrobe. Some of the best things to include in your winter wardrobe this year include a thick jacket, a flannel shirt, leather boots, a hoodie and some sturdy sneakers. What are you waiting for? Find the best styles and the colors that look great on you, and start filling your closet with all the essentials today.